Monday, November 14, 2016

This Weekend:

This past weekend was similar to the Energizer bunny.
It just kept going...and going...and going....

So much to be thankful for.
Lots of time spent with family and it of course made us reflect on what really matters MOST in life.

* Friday the kids had school off and so we headed to the movie theaters to see....


Ok - - the first 20 minutes of this movie, I thought to myself, "Oh boy...this is gonna be a doozy" but.....
it actually turned out to be DARLING!!!

We all LOVED it!
Such a sweet message and the MUSIC!!!!!??? 
I mean come's all from Justin Timberlake.
How can you go wrong?!?

* Haircuts for the boys afterwards.

Why must they look so grown up?!?

We celebrated the day off with ice-cream sundaes afterwards at the Alger's house.  We sure LOVE them. And ice-cream. 

* Saturday morning London and I dressed ourselves up and headed over to a Nutcracker Tea Party with some of our favorite friends.

I have been wanting to do this with her for quite some time now and let me tell you  - - it did NOT disappoint. 

THIS EVENT WAS DARLING and worth every penny!

The girls got to meet all of the ballerinas, get their autographs, they had the most delicious little lunch with raspberry lemonade, the dancers did a few numbers from the actual Nutcracker show and then they read the book to all of the little girls.

London was mesmerized.
We will definitely be making this a yearly tradition!
{We can't wait to see the actual show next month!}

* Grant's basketball game was Saturday afternoon.
{They won!}

Lucky for us - - a couple of cousins plus a friend got to come and cheer him on! {My niece picking her nose is my favorite part of this pic!}

She may have drank about half all of my Diet Coke.
How can I say no to such a cute face, right?

* Our stake held a big Fall Festival Saturday evening.

Joe was on the planning committee and it was such fun!

Corn on the cob, candied apples, beef stew...old fashioned games....we had a blast!

* From that over to my parents house for a family BBQ...

My oldest nephew came to town with some of his friends for his brother's missionary farewell talk at church.
{Remember how they BOTH got called to Barcelona, Spain?!? How crazy, right?!}

* Sunday we attended church with our family to hear my nephew Tyson speak. I couldn't be more proud of him. He is going to ROCK his mission.

Trying to get a 'Lamoreaux Grandkid' photo looks a little something like this.....

After about 500 takes....

* Brunch at my sister Tori's house afterwards...

And then Tyson's 'setting apart' that afternoon.

Such a special occasion.
My heart was so full, I thought it might burst right there in the Stake President's office!

Don't worry - - the weekend wasn't over YET!
{Remember how I told you it kept going?.......😅}

* 2016 Family Photos Sunday evening...

If my sister was not a professional photographer, we SO wouldn't do this every year. LoL. Grateful that we do though {after it's all said and done}.
So stressful!

* We ended our very busy weekend at the hospital....sigh....

....visiting my sweet dad who unfortunately had to miss out on all of the family festivities over the weekend {which he was crushed about}!

Long story short - - another blocked bowel + while he's been in the hospital he has come down with pneumonia.

He's such a trooper and my heart hurts for him - he's been so miserable.  

* We said our final good-byes to my nephew at the hospital {he flew out to the Madrid MTC today}.

Is Carson and London's faces not the saddest things you've ever seen? They did NOT want him to go.

Carson sobbed and sobbed on the way home.😢
Carson and Tyson are brothers from another mother.
They look and act SO much alike.

We assured him that Tyson would be in good hands and that he'd be helping people change their lives.

I'm not sure if he was consoled or not but one thing is for sure.....I am going to be a blubbering MESS when my boys leave on their missions.  I just know it!



  1. Poor London, she is wrapped around Tyron's leg so tight..
    I hope your dad feels better!

  2. Oh I hope your dad is feeling better.
    Oh that pic of London & Carson. . Soo sweet and so sad!
    What a busy weekend!


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