Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 New LDS Items in my Etsy Shop!

I'm slowly stocking my Etsy shop back up with NEW items for 2017 and I'm super excited about it. Lots more to come in the next few days so be sure keep checking back! 

If you're in Relief Society...I've got TWO different printables for you to choose from this year! 

My bookmarks were such a big hit this past year that I've made em again....this time with a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley! {How excited are we that we'll be focusing on his teachings this year?!? He's an all time fave.}

These tags come with a set that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the bottom and a set that is left blank for you to write in whatever you'd like!

View details and purchase HERE.

My next Gordon B. Hinckley quote comes with Happy Birthday tags if you care to use them.  One set says 'from your Relief Society presidency' and the other set is left blank.

You don't even have to attach these tags to ANYTHING!
Put em in a card and mail em off..
Stick a magnet on the back for your fridge....
The possibilities are endless.

View details and purchase HERE.

Lastly....we can't forget about the Young Womens organization.....

In need of birthday gifts this year?

Fill up a basket with all different kinds of candy bars and attach one of these tags to each one. Let the girls choose out their favorite candy when their birthday week rolls around.

View details and purchase HERE.

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Be sure to stop by my blog on Monday for my FREE January 2017 Visiting Teaching handout!!! 

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