Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Years Ideas For the Whole Family!

I can't even begin to wrap my brain around the fact that there are only 2 days left of 2016. How is this possible?!? I know I say it all the time but...time has seriously GOT to stop speeding by!

Anyone have fun plans for New Year's Eve?
We are heading over to our friends house for some family fun. And by 'family fun' I mean....the kids all go off and play and the adults kick back and yack it up.

If you're hosting your own party or just laying low and staying are some of my favorite ideas for the big night from around the web-o-sphere.

A balloon clock! from The Suburban Mom
What kid doesn't LOVE popping balloons?!

Always make sure to have your kiddos fill out an end of the year form.  I always LOVE looking back at these thru the years.  This free printable is courtesy of Wonder Mom Wannabe.


Champagne glasses just for kids from Toddler Approved!
Let's be real honest though...these are MY kind of champagne glasses too!....{I don't drink alcohol}. A cupcake + suprises underneath?! Genius. 

Speaking of about doing a Cupcake Fondue bar?! This idea comes from Hoosier Homemade. It's pretty much the best idea ever, in my book.

LOVE this idea for some little take home treats from
I think though to save time, I'd print out that tag and put it on a bowl with the kisses in it. That way people could grab some here and there all throughout the night.

In need of some yummy appetizer recipes to get you through the night? A couple of years back I shared some of my personal favorites HERE like this yummy Buffalo Chicken Dip....

...and these meatball pockets made with crescent rolls....


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