Friday, December 9, 2016

Random-ness + Fun Finds.

Our elf 'Buddy' is not super creative.
He usually just moves quietly from place to place around our home. The other morning, however, we found him in our bathroom like this...

Can you believe he poops chocolate chips?
My kids got the biggest kick out of this.
{I should mention that our elf is super classy, too}.

Always a donut.  

I do love me some Beyonce.
THIS song is my new fave.
{I'm sure it's not new at all. But I love it.}

I can't remember if I've already shared this recipe this season or not.  It's a MUST this Christmas. Your family and friends will devour it. {Thank you Buisty-Buist for the recipe!}

These sparked my curiosity the other day when I was at the grocery store. Plus, I was hungry. So....

I give em 2 thumbs up.
Way up!
They are super rich though so just one at a time suffices.

Target - - I was rushing down the holiday aisles today and these were on an end cap.

So genius.
Holiday stickers to fit right on your wall space.
Peel em off when the season is over!
Super cute styles too.

And last but not least - - wouldn't this paper tablecloth be so fun at the kids table this Christmas Eve?

Just add markers and it would keep the kiddies entertained for hours.  Ok probably not hours, but you know what I mean.


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  1. Oh I've been thinking of what to take to my neighbors appitizers party.. bingo lol
    PS.. guess what my elf is doing tonight. . Love it.. my kids will think it's hilarious lol