Monday, December 12, 2016

This Weekend:

* Most of Friday was spent in my craft room working on orders.

So very grateful for all of the success that my little shop has had this season but I will admit...I am looking forward to things slowing down a bit these next few weeks. 

Other things worth mentioning from Friday...

I successfully french braided London's hair.
And it stayed in the whole entire day! 

Pizza and wings on Friday night with dear friends followed by...

Our school's annual Holiday Hayride.
We LOVE this fun tradition.

It was the perfect night to ride around and look at all of the festive lights throughout our neighborhood.

We didn't even need jackets!

Carson's drama club performed afterwards.
{He's in the play 'Seussical the Musical'}....

and then it was onto Grant's last basketball game.

Sadly, they lost.
There's always next season!

* Saturday was spent going to 2 of my least favorite places to go to on a Saturday.
{Seriously...what was I thinking?}

#1: The Post Office.
Why are most post office workers so grumpy?!?

#2: Costco.
Thank goodness for cheap lunch there.
{It's totally normal to let your kid double fist a churro and a piece of pizza at the same time, right?}

* Date night Saturday night.

Dinner at one of our favorite mexican joints.
{I know - we have like 100}.

There was an hour wait so we chose to sit at the bar and man was it fascinating watching those bartenders work their tails off.  {We don't drink so we're not used to such antics 😂}

* Sunday was just what we needed.
A day full of relaxation, churchey-church and spiritual juice.

Have you read this sweet storybook from President Monson?
You should.
I love it's message.

Loooooved this quote on our Sacrament meeting program. 
Grateful to be able to read the scriptures each night before bed. 


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  1. I'm heading to costco today. . I can hardly wait lol.. that's when you know you love in the middle of no where lol