Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2fer Tuesday.

Holy cow you guys!
Puppy training is no joke.

I feel like I've gotten absolutely nothing done this past week.  I think my husband thinks I'm joking when I tell him that ALL I do is take Cubby out to go potty.

And the kicker is....I'm POOPED from it all!

I really can't complain because Cubby is a very good little puppy. {Still no poop in the house and he's getting the hang of the crate!}. I just feel like I have to keep my eye on him right now ALL THE TIME.

Side note - - how do you get rid of doggy breath?
There has to be something, right?
Sometimes when he breathes in my face - - I almost pass out. {Ok, not really but you get the idea.}'s my 2fer Tuesday just a day late...along with pretty much everything else that's been due this week.

2 Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm...

A) Who buys this stuff and B) Why?!?!
Are you trying to torture your pet on purpose???

Yesterday I took Cubby into the vet for the first time.
This sign was hanging on the door.

Alternative medicine for a pet?
I know I'm clueless but...does this involve marijuana???
LoL 😂

2 Funny Valentine Ideas:

Seriously funny, right?!?


And I'm not going to name any names BUT....I need to get this card for the person I share a bed with.
{'s bad.  And stinky.}
True love at it's finest! ;)

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