Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fun Finds Friday {on Saturday} and a Puppy Update!

* Wal-mart has some pretty cute Vday stuff right now...

I know all the tweens are big on bath bombs these days {at least that's what my nieces tell me}. Thought these Hershey kiss shaped ones were cute.

Loving these little mini favor mailboxes, too.

Teacher friends! You need this!!
Wouldn't it be so fun to have every kid fill out a heart with something that they LOVE about the person they sit next to? 

And because you KNOW I'm such a sucker for a cute banner...

How can your resist 98 cents?!?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
And now...for a Cubby update!
{Because I'm sure you've all just been on pins and needles, wondering how we're doing over here, right? LoL.😂

This little one has pretty much stolen our heart.

He has yet to poop inside of our house {score! and knock on wood!} and just yesterday HE SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT!!!

I feel like such a proud momma bear, haha. 

One of my friends said it best when she said:
"Having a puppy is like having a newborn.  Except you can leave it for a couple of hours at a time."

Cubby is VERY mellow {we have yet to hear him bark} and pretty much just chills by my feet if I'm cooking in the kitchen...

Or on my lap if I'm typing on my computer or watching T.V.

I do feel like 90% of my day now is spent in my backyard waiting for him to pee or poop.😆

There is NO way I could train a puppy with little kids still at home during the day.  I sorta feel like my kids are at the perfect age for him right now.  

It's nice to be able to send the chaos  them off to school each day and focus on training Cubby and getting a schedule sorta set up with him.  

And then...the BEST that they are on poop duty when they get home.  Their first chore afterschool is to pickup his poop in the backyard from the day. Because let's be honest - - POOP GROSSES ME OUT. 

Is he not the cutest?!?! 
We sure do love him.

Puppies are definitely a lot of work but I feel like we hit the jackpot with Cubby!


  1. Been waiting for an update and stalking your insta, lol! So glad he slept throught the night. I think training a puppy is more work than a human baby. Is till think our dog is more work than a human kiddo though, and ours is almost 9!

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  3. Cubby is so adorable and it warms my heart that you chose a rescue. They really are the best pups. I just wanted to put out a warning that rawhide is really bad for dogs, especially rolled rawhide. I don't know why stores even sell it in the first place. Just wanted to let you know, feel free to do some research on it and chose what is best for your family and pup (I really don't want to be the you're doing something wrong guy, but as someone who has seen some dogs get really sick from it I thought I'd let you know). Anyways, best of luck training Cubby.