Sunday, January 15, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was perfectly cloudy with some off and on rain.  Us 'zonies LOVE the rain.

I took my laptop to Panera and got some work done while eating a breakfast of champions.... {not really}

Their little egg souffles are my new favorite.

* When I headed home to start working around my house I got word that the puppy that we wanted to adopt...was really actually going to happen. 

Is he not the cutest?!?
He's only 8 weeks old.

I ran to the store to get some fun things to surprise the kids with...

...and their reaction when they got home from school was priceless! {If you follow me on social media, you know that...London burst out into tears when she found out! She is soooo excited!}

* How gorgeous is this sunset from Friday night?

AZ sunsets are pretty much the best in the world. 

* Date night at Someburros...

...and then on to see the movie....


Oh. My. Gosh. !!!!
You guys! I loooooooved this movie.
Like....SO SO SO much!

I found myself smiling through each musical number.
From ear to ear.

The music and dancing was AMAZING and Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling were oh so charming.
{Ya, they're not the BEST singers on the planet but that's what made me love it EVEN MORE!}

I used to be just a tiny, smidgen of a fan of Ryan Gossling before this movie.  Now? My love for him is HUGE.

I would totally see it again.

* Our Saturday morning breakfast at McDonalds went like this:

Carson ate London's hash brown....

London choked on her Mcmuffin from crying so hard....

And then London stormed off because she was so mad.

Oh and this all happened when I was trying to get one {just ONE!} pic of them all smiling together.  Oh well.

* Saturday night date night at the temple.

This place >>> everywhere else.
Such a great night there.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
As part of my calling, we get to visit all of the other wards in our stake during their ward conferences and teach their Relief Society lessons. 

{This is one of my FAVORITE parts of my calling - - getting to know ALL of the different sisters in our stake}.

For a handout I whipped up these little cards to go along with our theme...

And of course, chocolate was a must!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Wish us luck tomorrow.
Ready or not....a puppy is coming home with us!
Prayers welcome ;) 

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  1. Oh bless her.. I would cry too lol
    The video of her hearing about the puppy was About as cute add can be!