Monday, January 30, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning breakfast out with 2 of my favorite ladies.
We ate HERE - it's also one of my favorites.
Their chorizo gravy and biscuits are so scrumptious.
{And obviously...super healthy, too 😆}

* Afterwards, I ran a few quick errands and popped into Kirkland's.  Haven't been in there in forever.  Such cute stuff.

I have way too many chalkboards. Otherwise I would've snagged this one right up. Isn't it cute?

Also this.
Teacher friends: you need this! How fun to hang this up in your classroom and write the kiddos names on it when it's their special day.

* Date night Friday night at the OG.

Joe looks like he's having serious thoughts towards his Pasta Fagioli soup, right?😜

It was a blistering cold night and their soup and breadsticks HIT THE SPOT.  We split the Tour of Italy sampler and who knew their lasagna was SO good?

{Fun fact: My son Carson would rather eat his own toenails than eat lasagna. But he LOVES spaghetti and meatballs, so go figure.}

* Saturday morning basketball game for Grant.
First one of the season and they lost 👎 but Grant got a bucket and was pretty pumped up about that.

Sonic afterwards for lunch and treats and then somehow I managed to actually take a nap! on Saturday afternoon!
{It was definitely risky...seeing as how my kids were left in charge of Cubby but...they managed! No pee or poop anywhere when I woke up so, SCORE!}

* Saturday night we kept it classy and ate at the mexican gas station for dinner. London was at a friend's house and so we killed some time at Target before picking her up.

I was quickly reminded as to why I love going to Target BY MYSELF! 😂

Not such a relaxing shopping trip, if I'm being honest.

* Sunday was a marathon day of church and visiting other wards. I sure love it when this song comes on when I'm getting ready for the day....

It speaks to my heart.

More ward conference lessons in Relief Society and gosh, I love this quote that we get to share.  I feel like women! - - we need this MORE THAN EVER!!! The world NEEDS us!!!

Family selfie when I finally got home.
Love these green bands that are in support of one of our dear friends battling cancer. 

* We had Joe's brother and his wife over for Sunday dinner.
My kids LOVE having people over and that makes my heart happy. 

Roast, mashed potatoes, carrots and onions, butt rolls and another batch of THESE for dessert.


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