Friday, February 17, 2017

2fer Tuesday {on Friday}.

2 Shows You Need to Be Watching:

Thursday night has quickly become one of our favorite nights for TV watching, mainly because of the following 2 shows. 

Who else looks forward to putting your kids to bed and watching shows with your spouse on the couch for the rest of the night? 


This one is on FX and it's on the 2nd season.
I would highly suggest starting with the 1st.

If you like Zach Galafanakis {we LOVE!} and you like dry comedy - - this one's a must.

Joe and I die laughing!

And this one is on NBC and it's just too funny.
The characters are quirky and we laugh so hard at it each week.

2 Randoms:

I'm such a sucker for articles like this on the internet.
And that fact that REESE'S PIECES was the MOST popular snack the year I was all makes sense now! 
{FYI I am Reese's obsessed!}


McDs really needs to bring back the McWraps.
They were tasty and a lot healthier than some of their other stuff. did I miss these?!?!
I was pregnant with Grant that year - - I was ALL ABOUT THE SWEETS!!! Fingers crossed that one day they'll bring em back.

And since we're talking about food...

Drive to your nearest Popeyes and try this out.

My family is pretty much ga-ga for Popeyes.
If you like chicken and waffles -- you will LOVE this!'s only 5 bucks so......SCORE!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
I promise to have my before and after pics of Operation Wall Re-do in my weekend wrap-up post. 

Today is my day to 'TAKE CHARGE OF MY HOUSE!'
I'm not kidding when I say that EVERY single room right now {upstairs AND downstairs} looks like a bomb has exploded in it. 😳

Wish me luck!


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