Monday, February 27, 2017

London's PUPPY Party!

London's PUPPY themed party went off without a hitch last weekend which is saying A LOT because...she invited 22 little girls and all 22 girls were able to come!

Thank goodness for NICE weather and being able to have the majority of the festivities outside 😆.

This little shin-dig was SO super fun to plan. 
For those's how it all went down...

When the girls first arrived, I had them 'Pick a Bone' off of our wall.  Prior to their arrival I used my Silhouette machine to cut out 22 bone shapes onto cardstock.  I numbered each one on the back {from 1 - 22} and stuck them right onto my wall.

The number that they chose, was the number that they were in line to 'Adopt a Puppy'. {Also, as they picked their bone, I made sure to write their names on it so that no one would forget}.

Once I started calling out numbers, each girl got to come to the cage and pick which puppy they wanted to adopt.

I ordered these cute little stuffies from Amazon and then just jazzed them up a little by tying a ribbon around their necks.

It was so fun for the girls to watch each other 'adopt' their puppies and see which one they chose.

Once they had their puppies...we had 3 different little stations for them to go to. 

They decided on names for their puppies and then made dog collars for them.

I had cut 22 pieces of waxed twine beforehand and then purchased alphabet beads from the $ store.

They were able to thread thru the beads and then tie these right onto their puppy's necks.

I purchased gable boxes from Hobby Lobby and the girls decorated those with stickers and markers as 'dog houses' for their puppies.

I also created these certificates and then my niece filled them in with her fancy handwriting as each girl came up to her table.

I created a backdrop for our food table with:
White wrapping paper, a striped border, paper fans and then bones, dog silhouettes and font all cut out from my Silhouette.

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

We had a 'Build Your Own Dog' bar...

The girls got to choose which puppy they wanted which corresponded with what type of hot dog they wanted.

Joe and I helped them thru the line with this process and then they got to choose a variety of different PUPPY themed snacks to go with their 'dogs.

This menu was actually GREAT because mostly everything was store bought with the exception of the sugar cookies that I made up the night before.

Our 'Toilet Water' consisted of blue Hawaiian Punch.

My cute friend made our 'Pup-cakes'!
Those are marshmallows as the paws - so clever, right?

The girls 'woofed' down their food {I couldn't resist} and then it was onto opening up presents.

This party was an hour and a half and that amount of time was just perfect! 

As party favors we handed out...

Doggy Bags filled with Cocoa Puffs.

The girls thought it was SO cool that they got to eat this special type of dog food with their puppies 😜

How is it possible that my puppy loving daugher is 8 now?!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If you're wanting to throw your own puppy party...I've created my printables as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD for purchase on Etsy HERE

This includes my:

Bone Appetit sign
Build Your Own Hot Dog sign
Food labels
Adoption Certificates
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