Friday, February 10, 2017

TGIF + a mod podge of stuff!

Happy Friday!
How is it possibly already Friday?

This week has flown by...hence the shortage on blog posts.
Not even sure how the week slipped away from me but I'm HERE! Another BUSY week is in the books and we are oh so grateful.

This sign at JoAnns made me giggle. 

I love jars about as much as I do chalkboards.
{That's A LOT!}
LOVE these cute jar cover kits at Hobby Lobby {in their summer section}.

My dog feels the need to drink right outta a cup like I do.
This photo is what I call 'NOSE DEEP'.
{And no...I wasn't letting him drink Diet Coke. I do have limitations. It was JUST ice 😂}

Operation Wall Re-do goes down tomorrow.
Eek! I am so excited.

I've been listening to THIS song on repeat all week. 
You's SOOOO good.

Also THIS song. 
I finally got around to watching the Carpool Karaoke with him and it just reminded me of WHAT A GOOD SINGER HE IS!!!!
Oh goodness - I do love him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Just 4 more days until VALENTINES DAY!
What are your plans?
Joe and I usually celebrate either a few days before or after {never on the actual day - - way too busy out for our liking!} and on Valentines night we have a fun FAMILY dinner together.

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  1. Where is February going?
    We ate not celebrating until next weekend. The RS are putting on a dinner on Tuesday so I'm gonna be busy lol
    Cubby is so cute!