Monday, February 6, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I hit up Lowes.
Gosh, I love looking thru this place.

We've been in our home now for 12 years {12!} and I've gotten the itch to start changing things up a bit.  Ideally - I'd like to re-do ALL of my light fixtures but I'm starting with the one in my kitchen. So many options.

Our dear friend has so kindly offered to do a plank/shiplap wall for us in our family room and so we met so I could purchase all of the wood....

I am OH SO EXCITED about this!
Project goes underway on Saturday.
Cannot wait to share before and after pics.

* My afternoon was spent putting together my 

I LOVE how this month's message goes along so perfectly with Valentine's Day.

* Friday night basketball game for Grant.

Tough loss, but he had his fan club there to cheer him on which always pumps him up.

* Saturday morning the boys headed off to a service project while London and I got chores done around our house.  First up though was some breakfast fuel at our favorite joint.

London prefers to order the breakfast sandwich now.
Minus the sandwich.
She JUST eats the sausage.  
Have I not taught her anything about my love for carbs?!?

Once back home...London was on Cubby duty...

...while I prepped for a little shin-dig at our house later that evening.

* When the boys returned, Grant got straight to work in the kitchen with me. I taught him how to make sugar cookies.

He's wanting to earn ALL of his own money for Scout camp this summer and so we'll be baking up a storm this week and next, selling cookies for Valentines Day. 

* Joe and I hosted a little Valentine party at our house on Saturday night. Adults only.

I kept it classy {as usual} with the party favorsπŸ˜‚

So fun to get together with friends and laugh our heads off.

* Sunday morning we attended our niece's baby blessing.

Such a special morning.

And I just love this sweet little cousin/friendship.

* Took a big fat nap afterwards and then we headed over to my parent's house for a little Superbowl Party.

I think my favorite part of the Superbowl goes in this order:

1. The food
2. The commercials
3. The halftime show {LOVED Gaga!}
4. The actual game

Who's with me?
Sad the Panthers lost.  SO DANG CLOSE!!!

* We headed home and tucked the kiddies into bed and then Joe and I finished off our weekend by watching SNL.  

You guys!!!!!!


She NAILED it and I am STILL dying laughing over it.

We also laughed our heads off at the opening skit.


Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump is just pure gold.
His facial expressions are priceless.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
On the blog tomorrow....

London's class Valentines!
I'll be offering them as a printable in my Etsy shop so stay tuned.....
Super duper easy and something ALL of the kids will enjoy.


  1. Oooh I want to do a shiplap wall too.. I can't wait to see it!!
    I would love your adult party. . I love inappropriate anything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Oooh I want to do a shiplap wall too.. I can't wait to see it!!
    I would love your adult party. . I love inappropriate anything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. sad the *Panthers* lost? LOL you crack me up! :)

    1. Lol yup. That's about how I watched it ;) Falcons. I meant Falcons hahaha. I just knew they were the ones in red ;) xoxo

  4. Ha, Ha, we lived outside of Atlanta, Ga for 18 years, just moved to TN. It is sad about the "Falcons", lol.

    So awesome that your Grant wants to earn his $ for Scout Camp- "Scout is Thrifty". I have a Life Scout & Tenderfoot in my house.