Wednesday, March 1, 2017

London's Princess Party.

I've decided to showcase ALL of London's birthday parties throughout this next week or so on my blog.

 One of my most popular blog posts of all time is from London's Princess Party.

I'm happy to announce that now, after oodles of requests...I'm offering her FOOD LABELS as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD in my Etsy shop HERE.

Here's how that shin-dig went down:

4 years ago?!?!
Where has the time gone?

London was obsessed with ALL princesses at this age - - but her hands down favorite was Rapunzel. I think we've seen the movie 'Tangled' close to about 978 times.

We served lunch and I wanted to make sure that all of the food was FOUR YEAR OLD friendly.

Here's what I came up with...

Pink bread was baked and dyed at our local grocery store {Bashas} and then after I made the sandwiches, I just cut them out with a tiara cookie cutter.

Place Settings and Decor

Princess crowns were purchased from the $ bins at Target.
Candy necklaces were wrapped around the napkins.

I also scored these cute vanity mirrors from the Dollar Tree and added princess tags for each girl.

Watching them look at themselves in these mirrors MIGHT HAVE just been the cutest thing EVER!

Outside on our back patio, I draped plastic tablecloths from the dollar store around our ceilings.

I also made a super simple princess banner by printing off pictures from google images and matting them onto cardstock.

Our pinata from Wal-mart served as a table centerpiece.

These pinatas rock.  No bats are necessary.  
Each girl holds onto a group of strings and pulls the candy out together.

My friend made her gorgeous cake...

...and not only did it look fabulous, it tasted fabulous as well!

We also had girly 'stations' set up outside with little activities for the girls to do.

A finger nail polish and body glitter table.

A make-up and body lotion table.

And a 'make your own' candy necklace table.

I cannot get over how much these girls have grown up since this sweet picture 4 years ago.  

London beamed with happiness the entire day!
We ended the festivities by jumping on the trampoline.

Can you even?!?

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