Monday, March 13, 2017

This {Baptism} Weekend:

Our hearts are so very full from this past weekend.
The love that Joe and I felt from those around us cannot be described.  We are so very blessed for everyone who went out of their way these past few days to show their love to London and the rest of our family. We went to bed on Sunday night with SUCH full hearts.


* Friday morning started off with a bunch of errands, all in preparation for London's baptism and her little after party at our house.

I swung by my favorite candy store for some essentials.
Locals: if you haven't been to their new location, you MUST check it out. {It's just down the road from their last spot}.
 So much fun stuff.

Quick stop into Kohls...

Bodysuits are back.
How is this even possible?!?!

This sight gave me the biggest flashback of walking thru the halls of my highschool with a giant wedgie from wearing one of these things.

Who's with me?

* Saturday was London's big baptism day.

My heart and soul is right here in this little picture.
These 4 people make me more happy than anything else in the world. 

And gosh, we love our kids.
This photo from London's special day captures their personalities and our family vibe OH SO WELL!

We are SO very proud of London and her choice to baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Honestly, her baptisimal services couldn't have been more perfect. The boys sang 'I am a Child of God' with 2 of their cousins and then Joe's sister gave THE SWEETEST talk I think I've ever heard on Baptism and the Holy Ghost.

I was so touched, I could not stop from crying.

London with her sweet 2nd grade teacher

London's preschool teacher, Kindergarten teacher, 1st grade teacher AND 2nd grade teacher ALL came to support her as well as the ladies who work at the front desk up at her school.

We feel so blessed that our children are always surrounded by the sweetest people.

Afterwards, everyone was invited over for refreshments at our home. The weather was perfect and so we hosted the shin-dig outside in our backyard.

Tomorrow, I'll share all of the fun details from this celebration.
And good news: I've created ALL of these Great to be 8 printables to share with you in my Etsy shop, as well!

So very thankful to my nephew and his darling fiance who drove all the way from Provo, Utah to be apart of London's special day. {That's a 12 hour drive!!!} 
It meant the world to us. 

London and her sweet cousin June.
I love their sweet little friendship!
London and her Uncle Kirk.
I love this pic of them!
* Churchey-church on Sunday.

London and I left after Sacrament meeting - - she had been fighting a little cough this whole weekend and she was toasted oats from everything come Sunday morning.

It's totally normal to let your daughter eat a candybar on the couch when they're not feeling well, right? 😝

Also - - can you even stand how cute that blanket is that London is all snuggled up to??? Our dear friend Judy made it JUST for her and gave it to her at her baptism party.  She's barely put it down ever since.

Looks like Judy is gonna have to make Cubby his own blanket now. 😂

Speaking of our favorite friend Judy....she came over for dinner on Sunday night. We grilled up some carne asada on the BBQ and had tacos....they were OH SO delish.

Judy helps me with just about anything I need in life...including teaching me how to use iron-on letters.

{Fun Fact: I can't sew and I barely iron. So....there's that.}

* Joe and I ended the weekend by taking Cubby for a walk around our neighborhood on Sunday night.

It was just he and I - - we made the kids stay home 😆 - - and it was pretty much perfection. 

 The smell of orange blossoms all throughout the streets were glorious and Joe and I got to talk in peace about how grateful we are for everything in our lives right now.

Plus, Joe has some pretty exciting things happening at work right now and so we got to talk about that too.  I am so proud of him. He is such a good husband and father and SUCH a hard little worker for our family. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Spring Break is here for the next couple of weeks!
On tap for this week:

- Turning on our a/c if you can believe it.
It's supposed to get up to 95 degrees these next couple of days. 😱

- Cubby gets neutered.
Wish us luck that he won't have to wear the 'cone of shame'.

- Joe and I help out on our Stake's Pioneer Trek.

I know what you're thinking....Marci and Joe?!?
Don't worry...we just go up and back for one day, hehe.
It's pretty much all the 'roughing it' we can handle.


  1. What a wonderful weekend. Ugh! Bodysuits? I thought we saw the last of them when I was in high school! Hopefully this is the last of them. I remember having them under my cheerleading uniform. So not comfy!

  2. It looks like a beautiful day for your whole family, especially London. Your dog is adorable! I remember bodysuits-gross!