Friday, April 21, 2017

Fun Finds Friday.

* Target has cleared out all of the Easter stuff from their $ bins and stocked em up with brand new items.  It made me a little too excited.

Donuts + pom fringe make ME happy.

I've always wanted to throw my kids and their friends an end of the year 'celebrate that school is out' ice-cream party. This might just be the year and this chalkboard would be OH SO PERFECT for it.

Paper runners are my fave.
They're the perfect way to jazz up a table. 
They have LOTS of cute prints, too.

Your friend has a birthday coming up?
Someone you know got promoted?
Bake up some goodies and deliver em on this cute melamine plate. 

Need a game for the kids to play while they wait for guests to arrive? This WORD SCRAMBLE is where it's at.

I'm such a sucker for these mini cupcake stands.
And guess what....they're only $1!!!

Also only $1?... 

These cute ice-cream holders. There were only 2 left at my Target. 👎 Hoping they restock cause I want like 10.

And last but not least...

These super cute hooded kids towels! 
Just in time for summer! 

Happy Weekend!
Happy Shopping!

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