Monday, April 17, 2017

This {Easter} Weekend:

* The kids had school off on Friday and so we went spent most of the morning at the dentist. 

It's not really how I wanted to spend their day off but it was the only time that worked with our schedules.  Plus, we have an AWESOME dentist that we go to so it really wasn't bad.

London was the only one with a tiny little cavity.
She wasn't so sure about getting it filled...

Thank goodness for laughing gas! 
Not really sure how my boys made it outta there with no cavities....half the time when I check their teeth, they look fuzzy. {Ok not really, but you know what I mean. Boys!}

Afterwards we had lunch HERE.
I always forget about this place and man - is it good!
Well..except for their ranch.  
Their ranch needs to step it up a notch. 

* Friday night the boys had some friends over to hang out.

My kids have the greatest friends.
School friends, church friends, neighborhood friends - - we are so blessed! 

It wouldn't be an official hangout without a drink run, either.

So funny hearing these kids chat. 

* Joe and I spent most of the evening watching....


OH.  My.  GOSH!.....
It was a 3 part series that we had DVR'd from last week and even though we knew the ending...we were captivated! 

So mind boggling, really.

* Saturday morning we made a grocery store/donut run.
A 2 in 1. 

Is anyone else's kids obsessed with TECH DECKS right now?  Heaven help me.  I dont know what's more annoying....the water bottle flipping...or these? 😂

* Grant had a basketball game Saturday afternoon...

...and they got creamed. And Grant got fouled and pushed to the ground and blacked out.  So that was fun. 😁 Better luck next week! 😝

* Dinner at some of our favorite friends' house on Saturday night. 

My friend made THESE chocolate peanut butter chip cookies for dessert and they stole the show. Oh and notice the grime under my thumbnail? That's because we had the most delicious BBQ'd chicken drumsticks and my hands got all sorts of nasty.  

* Was anyone else as excited as Joe and I were that SNL was on LIVE at 8:30 pm Saturday night here on the west coast? Why don't they do that every week?

LOVED Jimmy Fallon as the host. 
LOVED his opening monologue HERE.
{I've always loved that song}.
And LOVED Melissa McCarthey as Sean Spicer, once again.


* Churchy-Church on Easter Sunday.

Grateful for this crew.

I was a blubbering mess during Sacrament meeting.
Such good talks and THE SONGS!!!!
2 of my favorites.
THIS one and THIS one.
They could not have been more beautiful.

Music speaks to my heart.
Just ask my husband. 
Everytime there's a special musical number, I instantly tear up. 

* Easter dinner was at my parents house this year.

It wouldn't be a Lamoreaux family get together without someone {usually Uncle Kirk} photo bombing everyone and everything.

PC: Brent

I ate so much I was sick.
But a good sick.
Nothing beats the traditional ham dinner with all the sides.

So grateful to have my whole entire family live close by. 
My sister's co-worker Pedro joined us this year and he probably thought we were the rowdiest people ever

Rowdy? Or fun?
 I choose fun.


  1. Ooh so much fun!
    My kids are off this week bit we are Keeping it low key as we are headed to Mexico in 10 days. Wahoo.
    I had to sign a song in sacrament meeting yesterday, I too love it when they do s musical number.
    Have a good one x

    1. I didn't know you sang Heidi! Have so much fun in Mexico! I'll live vicariously thru you! ;) xoxo

  2. F.Y.I. Thought I would share something with you, you alwys share sooo much with us. A GREAT date Night Restaurant in PHX. The Quiessence. . Such a great experience and the staff was over the top attentive and kind and knew their menu well. But, maybe you have already been there!!

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing this Peggy! We have never been there and I'm adding it straight to my list of places to try! Can't wait!! xoxo

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