Monday, April 10, 2017

This Weekend:

* I spent most of Friday morning up at the school, decorating London's 2nd grade class bulletin board.

Is it weird that I LOVE doing these?
Like...really, really LOVE it?!

Thank goodness for my Silhouette machine.
I have gotten SO MUCH USE out of it these last couple of years.

* My afternoon school pickup always looks like this.

Cubby is getting SO big!
And LONG because he's part weiner dog.
He LOVES waiting for the kids to walk out to our car and then practically has a spaz attack when he sees them.

As badly as I didn't want a dog {because HeLLo? Responsiblity!}...I sure do love him. Like. A. LOT!

* Friday night we went to our first AZ Diamondbacks game of the season! Carson and London got to sing the National Anthem with a few other school choirs and it was pretty neat.

They even made it onto the jumbo tron!
Can you spot them?!

It's not a Dbacks game unless you have a Dback dog.
Am I right?!
Best. Ever.

These 3 cute yay-hoos opted for Panda Express.
Who in the heck chooses chineese food at a baseball game?

Super fun time but games are S-L-O-W!
I'm secretly glad that my kids don't play the sport.
I don't think I'd have the patience for it.
{We left at the 5th inning 😬}

* Saturday was our VERY LAST PINEWOOD DERBY ever.

Carson's car got a solid 3rd and 4th place in most races and he was pleased as punch.
😜 Hey as long as it's not last...that's all we care about over here.

* Date night Saturday night.

We went out to Joe's office for a party and ate some fancy shmancy food. Afterwards we hit up a brand new Goodwill out there... {because isn't that what every couple wants to do on a date night?😳} So glad Joe puts up with my weird obsessions.

Speaking of WEIRD...

Ummmm....did anyone misplace a Glamour Shot?
Because if so, the Goodwill in Scottsdale has it.

I was DYING!😂

* We tried out a new spot for dessert.

I've been wanting to try out The Baked Bear for quite some time now - - it always seems to be written up as one of the 'Best of Phoenix' joints for dessert.

It did NOT disappoint.
It was SO super yummy and we will definitely be back.
{Locals: I liked it better than Ice-Cream Sammies in Chandler}.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

We had Joe's brother and wife over and cooked up some ribs {again} for dinner. We can't get enough!! {They're on sale at Safeway right now - - buy 1 get 3 free! How can you resist?}

Dessert was homemade chocolate chip cookies with a side of Grant's dance moves...

I just love watching this kid dance.
His natural talent just oozes out of him. 

Happy EASTER Week!
Can you even believe it?!


  1. Love your bulletin board at school! LOL at the Glamor Shot pic at Goodwill.
    So glad that Cubby has settled in, and the training part was not too hard.
    What was Carson PWD car? We are a Scouting family, a Life Scout, and a Tenderfoot.

    1. Yay for Scouts!! His car was a 'Radioactive' car? Not really sure what that means, haha but he loved it! ;) xoxo

  2. Oh my heavens. .. cutest board ever. .. wanna know. . I bought a silhouette a few years ago and used it 3x and then putv it away. . That thing hated me lol

    1. What?? Pull that baby back out and give it another whirl! It does take some trial and error but once you get the hang of it - it's awesome! xoxo


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