Sunday, April 23, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I finished up a wreath for a silent auction taking place this weekend for a friend's brother. 

Doesn't the trunk of your car always have a stash of caffeine in the back and is always covered in crumbs? 😅

* I met 2 of my favorite lady friends at a new place for breakfast...

I'll definitely be back.
{Locals: it's right next to the Costco at San Tan}

I asked our waitress what the most popular dish on the menu was and she said the 'stuffed hashbrowns' so naturally, I went with that. was super healthy, too. 😆
Regardless, it did not disappoint!

* I ran a few quick errands afterwards.
One of them being a stop at Goodwill...
{Seriously guys, I have a problem!}

I CANNOT resist their books for my kids!!!
They are the best bargains around! 

This one was mandatory because we call Cubby 'the farting dog' as well.  No joke people - - his farts REEK! Like...take our breath away REEK! 

Then I spotted this one {but didn't buy it} and I was completely intrigued because....Cubby sometimes eats his poop TOO and it totally grosses us out. {Hence, the smelly farts}. This is probably WAY more information than you cared to know about my dog, right? 

* Friday night Grant had a double header with his basketball games...

They lost the first game and WON the second!
So much fun to watch...Grant scored NINE points the second game! So proud of him. {And yes...that shot went in!}

* Saturday morning was grocery store/donuts time.
My boys insisted that they did NOT need a lid for their ginormous Coke. It was sort of an 'I told ya so' moment.

* Saturday matinee with fun friends.

You guys! This movie was SO funny and SO cute.
It WAY exceeded my expectations.
My kids died laughing thru it all!

* Satuday night we hosted a BBQ at our house for my family.

It was in the high 90s so...swimsuits and water on the tramp with cousins was mandatory.

We feasted on burgers and brats, my mom's potato salad, pasta salad, chips, veggies, dip, watermelon and chocolate cake for dessert.  We were STUFFED afterwards!

Loved eating outside.  There aren't too many more nights where we'll be able to do this.  It hit 100 degrees already today!!!

* Sunday looked a lot like this...

Poor London had the barfs.

I stayed home with her from church and ended up scrubbing my bathrooms because EW. Praying no one else gets it now and that she's on the mend tomorrow.

Poor muffin.


  1. Hope London is feeling better, and no one else gets it!
    The farting dog book is hilarious, my boys had it when they were younger.

    1. Thanks Wendy! I swear we've read it 3 times now and we crack up everytime! xoxo

  2. Looks like cubby is watching over London! I hope she feels better soon.


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