Thursday, May 11, 2017

Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

 I love making HANDMADE presents to give to those who are near and dear to me.

I always feel like it shows that you put forth an effort - and that you care.
{Not that gift cards, etc. DON'T....those are def at the top of my fave things list, too! 😜}

If you're wanting to branch out and make your Mom, Sister, Grandma, Aunt...something from the heart  
- - here are a few of my own ideas from the past few years.

They're all VERY simple and VERY affordable.

These cute magnet boards are made from the DOLLAR TREE serving trays. They come silver and I spray painted mine white.

You can put up a favorite picture OR a favorite recipe - - place it in a kitchen, bathroom, wherever.
The possibilities are endless with this one.

Tutorial HERE.

Another EASY project involving things found from the Dollar Tree.

All you need is some spray paint, a frame, a candlestick and some type of flower for embellishment.

Tutorial HERE.

I made these easy DIY frames up a few years back for the graduating seniors in my Young Womens group.
They were SUPER easy and turned out SUPER cute
 {at least I thought so!}

You can purchase the unfinished frames at JoAnnsMichaels or Hobby Lobby.
All you need to do is spray paint them and then hot glue your embelishments on.
I typed up the girls' favorite scripture and put it inside but you could do ANYTHING in here.
A fave quote, picture, etc.

Tutorial HERE.

And last but not least...these super simple candy/treat dishes.
If you've got hot glue - you can make this one in no time flat!

Tutorial HERE.

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