Monday, May 8, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was spent loading up my car and getting stuff ready for the boys. This past weekend was their annual Fathers and Sons campout with our church.

They look forward to this ALL year long and they were SO excited that their 2 buddies get to go along with them.  

Before meeting up with Joe though...

A lunch stop at Elmers was being Cinco de Mayo and all!

Their chicken machaca tacos never disappoint.

Once our bellies were full we headed down to Joe's work so that the boys could take off from there.

You guys!
My husband is pretty awesome.
He's opening up his own store in Phoenix. 
I got to take a tour of it on Friday and I am OH SO EXCITED for him and this new adventure. He works SO hard for our family and I could not be more proud of him and his accomplishments in life. 

* Once the boys were on the road, I picked up London from school and we began our GIRLS WEEKEND! 

Our first order of business was waiting until 5:00 to check the office doors at the school to see who had made the talent show. {All 3 of my kids tried out. I might've been more nervous than them.}

Happy to report that they ALL 3 MADE IT!!!!
Phew - what a relief! 
One is dancing, one is singing Moana with a friend and one is telling jokes and acting as the M.C. 

Can you guess which is doing which?😜

* A celebration was in order and so .....

....more tacos at a new taco joint in town.
{You can never have enough tacos on Cinco de Mayo}.

Loved this place! 
Their beans were the bomb and their carne asada type beef was SO yummy! 

Can't wait to take Joe and the boys back.
Oh - and their chips and salsa were 2 thumbs up!

London had a specific schedule planned out for the rest of the evening which included....

Shopping at Hobby Lobby {a girl after my own heart!}...

And ice-cream at Cold Stone.

* Since we apparently didn't have enough sugar the day before...on Saturday morning we met up with some friends at the Fractured Prune for donuts.

We love this place!
Their donuts are a pricey but they are fresh from fryer HOT!
If you go - - get The O.C. - it's my fave!

We played at the mall afterwards and then headed home to get some stuff done around our house before the boys got home. They made it back tired, filthy and with lots of fun stories to tell.  

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Our Relief Society lesson was on OPTIMISM and I absolutely LOVED it!

GBH is one of my all time faves.
So blessed to learn from his teachings this year.

On tap for this week:

* Grant goes to 6th grade Science Camp!
Remind me again how he's old enough already to do this?

* Carson gets his ARROW of LIGHT Scouting award.


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