Friday, June 23, 2017

A few Fun Finds Friday + Goodwill Goodies.

This excessive heat {You guys! It got to 122 degrees one day!} has really put a damper on my FUN FINDS.  Just getting IN and OUT of my car is nasty. 

Thankfully, I found these finds last week and they're worth sharing so...

Super cute BIRTHDAY stuff in the $ bins at Target right now.

As well as some fun printed paper placemats.
{I LOVE paper placemats!}

Over at Hobby Lobby...

They have a whole package of different cute chalkboard signs - - like the kind you fill out for pictures and stuff?

* * * * * * * * * * * 
And just because I feel bad that my 'Fun Finds' have been slacking lately....I'll enlighten you with some of my 
'Goodwill Goodies'...

If you follow me on Instagram - - every so often I post these odd Goodwill finds as part of my Instagram stories...

Most are from the book section {think...RANDOM book titles!} so here are a few from this past week.


Because if bangs, a perm, glasses AND braces don't SCREAM - - - TOTAL BABE ALERT! - - I don't know WHAT does!?!


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