Monday, June 19, 2017

This {Father's Day} Weekend:

* Friday morning started out with a just 'meh' pedicure.

Have you ever asked for a callus remover {my feet were NASTY!}....only to have them pretty much rub/grind/sand your feet raw? 

I could barely walk on them for the rest of the day!

*Stopped at Goodwill afterwards.
Because remember....obsessed?!

I swear they have the BEST books there.
I buy SO many cute books for London there for like 50 cents.
Totally beats paying full price.

SUPER excited about this find.
Can't wait to read it with her..

* Date night Friday night at ESPO'S.

This little gem has quickly become our favorite.
It's tiny and looks like a hole in the wall but MAN is it good mexican food.  

We weren't quite ready to go home to the kids afterwards 😅 and so we shopped around for a bit.

SUPER excited about my new pet gate find for Cubby - - from Ross!
{Gotta love Ross!}
Looks SO much better than the dingy baby gate we had hangin around.

* We finished the night off by watching Dateline...

You guys!!!
Joe and I could NOT stop laughing our guts out at the dude with the big hair!!!

I mean COME ON!

* Saturday morning we loaded up the kiddies to go and see...

And wayyyyyy better than Cars 2.
{How disappointing was that one?}

Popcorn is perfectly acceptable for breakfast, am I right?

* Saturday night my sister threw a 50th Birthday Surprise PARTY for my bro-in-law.

He was SUPER surprised and it was oh so FUN!

Joe and I got there early to help set sister made the cutest details....

Such a fun night celebrating with family and friends!

* Father's Day on Sunday!!!

Both my parents were speaking in their ward and so we all went to hear them speak.  Listening to their talks and testimonies always brings me so many happy emotions.  

Just so grateful for their significant examples to us all.

Also: I never really realize just how short my dad is until he stands next to my husband and brother-in-law.😂

Also Also: my dad wore a purple tie for his talk.
Purple is MY favorite color.
I think it was a silent nod to me since I'm his favorite child.
But shhh...don't tell the others.

* Father's Day brunch at my parents house afterwards.

SO yummy.
My mom's breakfast casserole >>> everyone else's.

* We spent the rest of the day at home, taking a nap and lounging around in our jammies.  Just the way I like it!

Our Father's Day Feast per Joe's request:
Ribs, Baked Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli, Biscuits and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

SUCH a fun weekend celebrating!

So grateful for this guy.
Not many dads would go to such an effort to match his Mary Poppins-loving-daughter for Halloween.

SO grateful for my own dad.
His heart is bigger than his afro...if you can believe that!

Blessed, indeed!


  1. Yes! I get the callus remover every time because my heals get so nasty...but they sometimes get a little aggressive with the side of my big toe and they have rubbed them raw. :( Hate that. That Mexican restaurant looks yummy!!

  2. Eh Cars 2 wasn't so bad. Watch it about 50 or 60 times and you get used to it. LOL


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