Friday, July 21, 2017

Back to School Dinner Ideas {2013}

2013 was our first ever Family Back to School Dinner and I think that's why it's so special to me. 

Joe and I spent a lot of time thinking about that year's theme.  

We knew that we wanted to create a MOTTO based around a SCRIPTURE VERSE and this is the one that we chose:

Joe taught a little lesson about being STRONG and COURAGEOUS.
We wanted the kids to recognize that WHEREVER and WHATEVER  they did this year...
the Lord was going to be with them.

We showed THIS cute video clip about what it means to be a TRUE hero.
It exemplifies Captain Moroni and explains COURAGE and STRENGTH.
{AND brings a tear to your eye too}.

{The video has a second part to it as well}.

I wanted to give the kids a little present for the evening...
 Something to remind them throughout the year of our Family Motto.  

I decided on making them keychains to hang on their backpacks.
{And when I say 'make' I mean...
I bought everything and my talented friend Chanda put it all together for me}.

Each charm on the keychain symbolizes something from our motto.
Each charm is also something we talked about that evening as well.

Lion - represents Daniel in the Lion's Den.
Daniel had COURAGE.

The Color RED - stands for COURAGE.

2013 - the year

ARROW - the arrow used by Captain Moroni to defeat Zerahemnah.

{Joe also pointed out that ARROWS are STRAIGHT and NARROW.  Just like arrows..we encourage or kids to stay on the STRAIGHT and NARROW path in life..and not be swayed by temptation.}

Each keychain also included the charm from a childrens story...representing someone who had to show COURAGE and STRENGTH.

 It was SO fun watching how excited my kids were when we placed these on their backpacks for the year. 

I decorated our kitchen table and family room with printables found online from HERE and HERE.

We served spaghetti with meatballs {the kids' favorite!}....

....and we toasted the new school year with some bubbly Gingerale.

I printed out the scripture myself and then purchased a 
RED {for courage} frame.

We placed it on one of the bookshelves in our family room where we could see it ALL the hopes of always remembering what our motto was for that year.  

We also challenged the kids to memorize this scripture as well, which we worked on throughout our Family Home Evenings that year.

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