Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 2 - Summer Vacay:

Day 2 began with an intense round of Name that Tune.

My brother was the DJ and so naturally most of the songs he played were from the 80s.  

I don't mean to brag BUT....I pretty much annihilated my older siblings.  I really think I need to try my hand at that new game show Shazam.  

We also had a 'cartwheel off' and back bend show.
{No I did not participate.  I would've peed my pants.}

Who knew at the age of 50 {my brother!} you could still be so limber?!?

We all finished off this puzzle. 
Why are puzzles so fun to me?
This one was 500 pieces.  
Next up.....1000.

That afternoon we had my dad's side of the family up for a big BBQ.

Getting together with our aunts, uncles and cousins is always SO much fun.  We laugh SO hard together.  Makes me wish we could do it more often.

Most {but not all!} of the Lamoreaux cousins.
{My dad and 2 of his brothers.
My dad is the oldest.  And the shortestšŸ˜œ.}

The evening ended with my kids exchanging their digits with their second cousins.  

It made my heart OH SO happy.  

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