Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 4: Summer Vacay {4th of July!}

Nothing beats the 4th of July in Utah.
Cooler temps and a small town parade just MAKE it, ya know?

* We headed down the mountain bright and early to save seats for the parade and eat {per trad-ish} at our 

This year's parade was a tad on the disappointing side.
Not enough candy. Not enough music.
Cedar City - - step it up next time, ok? 😜

The kids had fun regardless and it wasn't a blazing 120 degrees so overall it was a WIN!

Afterwards, we dropped by one of our dear family friends' house to see her darling home.

She's designed and decorated the entire thing and it was SO swoon worthy. 

A few ideas I loved:

This barn door used as a head board!

The head board and foot board that used to be on her bed -- she took off and made into a BENCH!

So genius, right?!

Also, hands down my favorite was this.......

This was sitting right by her front door and I'm pretty sure I'm going to write the same exact thing on one of my chalkboards back at home.  Because....well, why the hell not, right? 😂

That afternoon we headed over to Brian Head.
It's pretty dreamy up there.

So happy that the fires around this area have moved and that this cute little town has been re-opened.

You pretty much feel like you're on TOP OF THE WORLD here.

Also, why am I the ONLY ONE in my family that takes photos seriously?!

PC: Brent

Much to my kids' opposition {they were #hangry}, we hung around after riding the ski lift and listened to a local band before heading back to the cabin.

The kids hiked around on the lava rocks once we made it back and my sister made a fantastic 4th of July dinner complete with a patriotic {absolutely DEE-LISH} vanilla cake.

Oh, and my dad gave himself a tattoo.


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