Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 5: Summer Vacay

On Day 5 Joe and I left the kiddies at the cabin with the rest of the crew and drove down Cedar Mountain to get my car checked out. {Ugh. Battery.}

Driving up and/or down Cedar Mountain always makes me a little em-osh. So many memories as a kid riding through it in the back of my Grandpa's pickup truck.  

The scenery is pretty much GORGE the entire way.
Joe and I blared the Once soundtrack and rode with the windows down the entire way.

It was pretty dreamy.

* After getting my car checked out we stopped by a local favorite for some English Chips and corndogs.

English Chips = a little taste of deep fried potato in your mouth.  Pair them up with some fry sauce and it's GOLD!

We drove by the new Cedar City temple that is almost nearing completion.  SO excited for this beautiful building to be done. We are hoping to come up for the open house this fall.

* Our evening was spent back at the cabin with some dear family friends and mexican food.

My parents have had these friends {John and Claude} since back in their high school days. Now their kids and us have become friends and it's ALWAYS so much fun to get everyone together.

It was the Coombs' turn to make dinner and so naturally we made......chicken lime tacos, refried beans, cilantro lime rice and chips and salsa.  {Shocking, right?}

Our cute friend Trish made this super cute, patriotic smores dip.  IT WAS SO GOOD! As was Claudine's Lemon Lasagna. I need to post those recipes - - they were both SO yummy.

London and Lani hit it off right from the bat.
It's SO fun to watch you and your friends' kids make a connection and have fun playing together.

Shon and Trish will always hold a special place in our hearts.
We DIE LAUGHING anytime we get together with them.
Sadly, that's only about once a year.
They're the type of friends ya wished ya lived closer to.

Day 5 ended with a few rounds of 4 Square.
Have you ever played?
Super easy and super fun.


  1. So fun.. and message me that chicken lime recipe!

  2. So fun.. and message me that chicken lime recipe!

  3. If I would come to this city again, I would be all over these San Francisco event venues. We ordered Spinach artichoke dip at the server's suggestion and it was absolutely delicious.