Sunday, July 30, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I woke up to a big pile of poop in my craft room from Cubby. 

It was gross and disgusting and definitely not the way I wanted to start off my weekend.

I decided I deserved a treat and so I took my laptop to get some work done at Panera

Their blueberry muffins are my fave.
Also...I may have filled up my Diet Dr. Pepper at least 3 times.

It was one of those days.πŸ˜…

* Some Goodwill shopping after because remember...I'm obsessed?

Sometimes the things I see there CRACK ME UP!!!

* Work in my craft room afterwards.
{Yes...I sterilized the entire thing after Cubby pooped in itπŸ˜‚}

Having so much fun duplicating material from our RISE UP Back to School dinner.

* Friday night we kicked it at home.
It was so nice to be able to relax after the busy-ness of the first week of school.

We made chocolate chip cookies...

...and had kids over to play...

* Saturday was a day full of chores and getting stuff done.

* We went out Saturday night with some of our favorite friends to the mexican gas station yes gas station for dinner.

I know, I know....we are soooo classy to be eating at such fine establishments.
Don't be jealous. 

Their bean burros are so dang good.
This one had green chili sauce in it and YuM!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Joe got a new 'calling' and is now working with the 12-13 year old boys in our ward.  He's pumped - - and so are my boys.

* 3 hour nap afterwards.
SO nice!

* We grilled cheeseburgers for dinner and kicked it for the rest of the night at home. 

This weekend was exactly what our family needed.


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