Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2fer Tuesday.


These chips - - SO good!
You can buy em at Costco in a big bag.



Who's been?
My husband I are going this fall - - -
what MUST we do and see there?



Does anyone else get mad at their kids when they say that they're STARVING but when you list a handful of things they could eat - - - they say that none of them sound good?
Starving? Really?

This girl 😍
She's my sidekick.
She wants to do EVERYTHING with me and I sorta like it a lot!

Left picture: her trying on my glasses while I'm taking a nap
Middle picture: her 4 leaf clover
Right picture: her waiting for me to WAKE UP from my nap.

{She's not a fan of my naps and refuses to do that with me!}

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  1. LOVE Italy! Florence & Rome were our favorites. If you want beach Cinque Terra is gorgeous & has a small town feel. We had the best Foccacia bread there. Oh I loved our trip! We spent most our time in Venice & if we go back we would switch it, we wanted more time in Rome & Florence.