Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Visiting Teaching Handout

August is here  - - how is this even possible?!
Summer break is over {for us!}, the kids are back in school and before we know it - - it will be Halloween - - so don't blink! 😜

This month's Visiting Teaching message is on:

One of the suggested talks at the bottom of this message was Elder D. Todd Christofferson's 

I just LOVE how he compared living a consecrated life to a fruitful tree. Hence...my tag this month goes along perfectly with FRESH FRUIT! Any kind you want!!

And who doesn't LOVE fresh fruit this time of year?
{Fun Fact: I'm allergic to most fresh fruit - - so weird and annoying - - but my family LOVE LOVE LOVES it!}

I picked up some baskets at my local Goodwill {thrift store} for only 99 cents yesterday and then headed over to my grocery store to see what fruit was on sale! 

LOVE the simplicity of this and LOVE the message.

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Happy August!!!

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Happy Visiting Teaching!



  1. You are wonderful! Thank you so much for your beautiful tags each month. I'm not a very creative person so I look forward to your work each month. May the Lord continue to bless you.

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment oh so much! xoxo

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  3. Thank you very much for all the thought and heart you put each month on this awesome tag!!! I go to the spanish speaking branch so have been copying your tags and typing them in spanish but I am limited to what my old coputer can do. Would it be too much to ask if you could attached a blank tag with your design so that I can add a text box. Thank you again for your time and awesome tags. God bless you and your family.

  4. Oh my goodness! I am late doing my August VT and the link says the tags are no longer available! Is there any way I can still print these tags off? I love what you come up with each month!

    1. I am so sorry about that. I've updated the link so it should be good to go now. Please let me know otherwise. XOxoxo