Thursday, August 24, 2017

It's almost....FALL!

Let's be honest.
For us 'Zonies'....fall is still a good 2-3 months away.
For the rest of the earth....LUCKY! Your fall weather is SOON approaching.

A girl can dream though.
Come September 1st all things FALL are on my horizon.

{I will have you know...I have resisted walking the fall/Halloween aisles of Hobby Lobby. Even I have limits.}

Just today I started web surfing for decor ideas.
There is SO much goodness out there.

Here are a few of my favorites:


LOVE the look of a fall leaf up against a glowing candle. 
Details at Ella Decor.


How much do you LOVE the simplicity of this fall leave hanging mobile? I'm not sure which I love more...the leaves...or the branch. Details from


Popcorn is perfect for filling vases in fall.
It just looks so.....pilgrim-y, am I right? 

Oh how I miss the pinecones in Virginia. 
Smelling cinnamon during the fall/winter season is at the top of my favorite things.  Totally might try this 'how to' from

For now...I'll continue to crank down my a/c.
It was only 105 degrees here today 😅.


  1. Going to try the pinecone cinnamon glue trick. I love the scented pinecones, but always want to refresh the scent.
    The popcorn kernals are a great filler in the fall!

    1. Let me know how the glue trick works out! Loooove the smell of cinnamon in the fall time. Xoxo