Monday, August 7, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I treated myself to breakfast.
Making it thru the week with everyone still in tact is a big deal, am I right? 😜

I'm almost positive I could live off of Einstein Bagels Diet Coke and their sesame bagel TOASTED with plain cream cheese.

* Afterwards I headed over to the AZCEND center in downtown Chandler to do some volunteer work.

I really do love this place and the opportunity I've been given to work directly with the homeless community.

If you're local and wanting to get more involved with service opportunities in the community - - this is the place! 

* I dropped by the grand opening of a brand new Goodwill just down the road, afterwards.

Big mistake.
The place was packed.
Which reminded me of why I don't shop at Goodwill on 1/2 off Saturdays.  TOO MANY PEOPLE! 

I did however manage to spot some interesting sights....

Like this lady wearing excercise pants with go-go boots.
And no...she wasn't just trying them on - - I saw her later in the store rockin the same combo 😁

Also to be mentioned - - the guy standing next to me in the book section farted.  Out loud.

Also - this...

I swear people were acting like it was Black Friday in there!
And nothing was even on sale!!

* Our Friday afternoon was spent at the pool right across the street from our neighborhood.

London's sweet 3rd grade teacher {and my dear friend} planned a class party for everyone to get to know one another better. {How fun, right??}

Some of the 3rd grade bunch.

Well, it was all fun and games until some toddler pooped in the pool 😳 and everyone had to get out.
London and her peeps locating the poop.
Seriousy, so gross!

We headed over to their school afterwards for the annual BINGO night put on by our fabulous PTO.

We made sure to get their early so we could snag our good seats.  Good thing - - as it got packed!

Such a fun FAMILY night!
I just love this community that we're apart of.

* Saturday morning we mixed things up a little and got McDs for breakfast instead of donuts. {Gasp, I know!}

The kids played with friends all day long which included a drink run and basketball at the church.

Their friends stayed for a 'late night' and we had cake and ice-cream for dinner {yup, I'm that mom}.

{We don't do sleep-overs in our house.  Just late nights which consists of their friends staying over much later than normal.}

*Churchey- church on Sunday and it was just the spiritual uplift I needed. Gosh, I love having my bucket filled each Sunday by the lessons and testimonies shared. I feel like I learn SO much from those around me.

* Sunday dinner at my parents house.
My mom made my fave - - pot roast and mashed potatoes.
Per usual - - hers always tastes SO MUCH BETTER than mine. So fun to just relax at their house on Sunday night and do nothing. It was just what we needed.


  1. No sleepovers for our kids either. Only lateovers. We are the 'meanest' parents in our little town! 🙄

  2. The books at Goodwill could be a teacher's cart.
    I love your Goodwill pics!

  3. We only do late night too..actually I take that back. Grace ( turning 14) has had a sleepover with a friend this summer.
    Ok that outfit made me laugh out. I was travelling home from utah and I had to run into target.. when I looked down I had my ugg slippers on and I'm not gonna lie I didn't feel out of place at all lol
    Ooh cream cheese bagel and diet coke. . My heart.