Monday, August 14, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started off with a bunch of errands.
And when I run errands near a Goodwill - - you know I have to stop, right? If you follow me on Instagram - - you know that I may have an obsession with the books I find there.

* Afterwards, I met up with one of my favorite friends for lunch.  This friend LOVES trying out new restaurants just as much as I do so we're pretty much a match made in food heaven.

Locals: Add this place to your list of MUST TRY restaurants!
It's on Alma School and Ray and it's a tiny little place.

They serve hand pies - - ALL kinds!
TO DIE FOR hand pies! 

Before we even ordered they let us sample their dessert hand pies...

I'm not even kidding when I say that I've been dreaming about this chocolate ganache hand pie all weekend long.

The chocolate inside of it was AMAZING!!!

Their traditional chicken pot pie also stole the show for me...

They have a few sides to choose from and I would DEFINITELY recommend the bacon mac n' cheese that my friend ordered.  

So. Delish!!!

* Eye Appointment for Carson on Friday night.

Poor kid takes after me when it comes to vision.
He'll be getting glasses SOON and he's OH SO EXCITED about it! 

* We ordered take-out with the kids on Saturday night from one of our favorite mexican joints.

Fact: The greasier the take-out bag holding the chips - - -  THE BETTER!

* Saturday I hunkered down in my craft room and worked on Etsy orders...

So grateful for this little side biz of mine.
It makes me SO very happy to know that people loved our family back to school dinner so much so - - that they want to recreate it for their own families.  Heart.  Full.  

* London and I played school.

Any guesses on who was the teacher?

* Date night Saturday night.
MORE mexcian food {shocking, right?} with one of our favorite couples! 

I order this 'Flying Saucer' every. single. time.

* Sunday we got to sleep in and kick it in our jammies until about 2 in the afternoon.  Then we gussied ourselves up and headed to the Tucson Arizona LDS temple dedication.

My heart just about BURST Sunday afternoon being able to be there with my whole family. I love these people more than life itself.


Can you even stand how gorgeous this new temple is?
I pretty much blubbered my way thru the entire ceremony - - the talks given were SO good and just what I needed to hear.

Plus - - hello? Silver Fox aka President Uchtdorf?!?
He hits a home run with me every time he speaks.

So. Much. Joy.!!!!!!!!!

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