Monday, August 21, 2017

This Weekend:

* Our weekend didn't really begin how I thought it would.

Joe went in for a routine physical with our family doctor.
Upon giving blood for normal lab work, he passed out and started having seizures.  SEIZURES!?! He's NEVER had these before.  EVER! When the nurse called me {I was at home} to inform me she said - - 'your husband has had some difficulty giving build and has had a few seizures and the paramedics are on their way'.....

Wait.  WHAT?!?!

I tore down to our doctors office which is about 15 minutes away {but felt like 60!} and arrived just as the paramedics were finishing up.

My husband is such a good sport - he knew full well this pic would end up on my blog.😂

After multiple tests - - he checked out AOK.
Apparently, giving blood is NOT his thing.
Or mine.
Or Grant's.

Heaven help us all!

He was ordered NOT to go to work and NOT to drive for the rest of the day. And it's a good thing.  We stopped for a quick breakfast HERE since he was famished....{their breakfast burritos might just be my new fave!}...

....and headed home where he pretty much slept the rest of the day.  He woke up feeling MUCH, MUCH better,

It only takes one little scary episode like this to put things into perspective, am I right??

So very grateful!

* Since Joe was back to his normal self by Friday evening, I went ahead with some plans I'd had scheuled for a couple of months now.  

I met up with some fun friends for dinner HERE 
{their Happy Hour for burgers and apps is the BOMB!}...

...and then we headed across the street in downtown Gilbert to the cutest litle Studio 223 to spend the rest of the evening whipping up cute home decor signs.

We had a BLAST all together and I loved FINALLY being able to see how this process is done.

LOVE how mine turned out.
It's going right in my family room.


Is this not the CUTEST wall EVER?!?!
{This was painted in their bathroom.}

* Saturday morning breakfast at McDs.

{Side note: If you have not downloaded the McDs app for your phone - - then what are you doing?!?! It seriously has the best steals and deals.  Every week or so there's a FREE drink! FREE milkshake! Buy one get one breakfast sandwich....}

* Joe and I spent Saturday evening at our stake center helping out with a 'Standards Night' for all of the boys and girls in our stake, ages 12-13.

Yup - - that includes our Grant and you KNOW we wouldn't pass up an opportunity to spy on him at an event like this.
{Yup...we are THOSE parents!}

I helped my sweet friend with the dinner.
Did I mention there were 160 kids there???
We had ooodles and oodles of pasta and it was so fun to get to help put this on.

The kids rotated thru classes, had a lesson on proper etiquette and another lesson on the proper way to dance with a member of the opposite sex.  The kids had SUCH A BLAST!  Such a fun night for everyone involved. 

So grateful for the wonderful community we're apart of.

* Sunday morning London woke up sick with a sore throat so I took one for the team 😅 and stayed home with her. 

I'm pretty sure she just needed extra snuggles from Cubby because she perked right up as the afternoon rolled in.


  1. Oh how scary.. he really is a hoot!..I love your sign how cute is that!
    I would love for grace to be at that standards night. . It's looked anazing!

  2. You need to come paint that wall in my girls bathroom! So awesome!