Wednesday, September 20, 2017

3 BREAD Recipes you really need to try!

Every year around this same time I feel the need to share with my blog readers my 3 FAVORITE BREAD RECIPES.

And good news - - none of them involve yeast.
{Holla! Yeast scares me}.

I've been on a baking kick lately {there's something quite therapeutic about it, right?} and I made up a double batch of my zuchinni bread this afternoon.  My house smells heavenly.

Things you should know about these recipes:

#1. Yes - - I add chocolate chips to EACH one.
How can I not?!

{Of course, you can omit the chocolate chips and add nuts or whatever else fancies your pleasure.}

#2. They're ALL 3 incredibly tasty & super easy.
{2 of my favorite things!}


Banana Bread HERE.

Pumpkin Bread HERE.

Zucchini Bread HERE.

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