Friday, September 15, 2017

Fun Finds Friday!

My long....lost....FUN FINDS FRIDAY!

And JUST in time for ALL of the fun holiday stuff!

Now...if my life could slow down just a tad so I could walk each and everyday, slowly...thru the aisles of ALL my favorite stores...that would great!😜

Over at Michaels...

Cute, cute BAGS in their {not so much} $ bins.

I {love} acorns. 
They remind me of growing up back in Virginia.

I don't know where I would put this or what I would do with it but...I feel like I need it.

I'm such a sucker for jars.
I feel like I need to buy at least 10 of these to fill up with autumn colored chocolates to pass out around Thanksgiving time.

K so this cute little metal wagon was actually a FUN FIND of mine last year. I snatched it up last year at this same exact time and guess what - - it's become one of my very FAVORITE things!!!

I fill it with pumpkins in the fall time, ornament bulbs at Christmas time, Easter eggs in springtime and then for this past's been filled to the brim with artificial lemons.

YOU NEED ONE! Everyone does.

Also, these. 
They'd be so fun to fill up as party favors for a Halloween party.

Over at Hobby Lobby...

These polka dots and stripes just GET ME, ya know?

Proud to say I've FINALLY been to the Target $ bins this week.... and they did not disappoint.

These cute, melamine Halloween plates are only $1 and they're the PERFECT litle boogers to stock up on and deliver treats with throughout the whole month of October.

{Think....pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  YuM!}

These pumpkins were HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE FIND of this ENTIRE post!

They're {kinda} velvet-y and they have those stems that look real! I LOVE them. ESPECIALLY the white ones!

I ALSO love succulents and I LOVE that Target found a way to incorpate them into these cute little pumpkin looking containers. 

Note to self: Pick one of these up the next time I'm at Target so our family can work on this throughout the month of November.

I know, I know...November seems SO far away BUT...this stuff goes fast and usually it's never still around come time.

In the back of the store with all of their Halloween stuff...I spotted these CUTE sweater like pumpkins.

Only $9.
And don't they look cozy??


  1. Going to track down the metal wagon. I saw the velet pumpkins at my local Target last week, and thought about buying 4-5 of them. Wish I had! Might have to go see if my Target has any left and those plates.

  2. This is off topic from this particular post, but can you make you Choose the Sp-Rite printable available again? I'd love to use for conference for my primary kiddos. Thanks!