Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Random-ness + a Recipe.

I had planned to do my 2fer Tuesday but I just have TOO many random things to share today.

{Happy Tuesday everyone!}

Be still my 💗

Grant sent this to me today from junior high....just because!
I can't even....
{He's totally my favorite for today😆}

* You know how everyone RAVES about the KONG brand for dog toys? 

Well....Kong is really gonna need to step it up a notch because...

What started out as that {with 6 legs!}...ended up as this...

So yeah...my dog is a beast and we need to find him SOME KIND OF TOY he can't destroy.  



Are these not the most darling little turkey/Thanksgiving place card holders EVER? 

* Speaking of THANKFULNESS...

I think I'm totally gonna do this with my family this year.
So clever, right?

* Last night it was Carson's turn to be in charge of FHE {Family Home Evening}.

I love putting my children in charge of the lessons.
Each week they amaze me at what they come up with.

They're rather simple {we love simple!} and come straight from their hearts.  We usually don't have visuals or even refreshments.  We just sit together for about 15 minutes in our family room and talk about one specific topic....opening and closing with a prayer and song.

Last night Carson talked about BRAVERY and how we need to sometimes just have FAITH and tell others "to heck with it" and do what we think is right.

{The "to heck with it" came straight from his mouth and melted Joe and I's hearts.  I'm pretty sure he wanted to say the REAL h word. He's so dang cute I probably would've let him. 😂}

Anyways....we did watch THIS short clip and of course...per usual...I teared up. 
 It was exactly what I've been needing to hear lately.

Lastly......you NEED to try THIS recipe for Chickent Pot Pie.

SOOOOOO yummy! 
I thought about making a crust from scratch but then thought "to heck with it"😂 and used a Pillsbury refrigerated one {just like the recipe calls for} and it tasted DIVINE!



  1. I have 3 large dogs
    When I find something they done demolish, I will let you know :)

  2. Our Springer Spaniel Puppy (10 months old) has destroyed all of the Kong toys and other toys that our Border Aussie has had for the past three years. I haven't had much luck with Kong toys either and they are super expensive! I am praying that he grows out of it soon. Your dog is adorable!

  3. Trying the chicken pot pie, once we resume have cooler temps. Live in east TN and we are back up to summer temps which I know are not like your AZ summers!


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