Monday, September 11, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I dropped my car off for an oil change and then my fabulous friend picked me up and we went out to breakfast while I waited.

{Fun Fact: Sun Devil Auto is where it's at. They do SUCH a great job with Joe and I's cars.  They are honest and reliable and we LOVE them!}

Breakfast at Snooze.
It's one of my faves.

I got what I always get - - the breakfast pot pie.
That rosemary gravy underneath my fried egg is TO DIE FOR and their hashbrowns are amazing!!!

Afterwards, I stopped by Costco to get a few of the essentials.....{yes...I still loathe Costco on the weekends}...

And just in case you're wondering...don't waste your money on the big bag of kettle corn.

The big, red bag that I think Simply Naked sells is MUCH better! 

* Friday night we dropped the kiddos off at a birthday party and had dinner HERE while we waited.

Golden wings + pepp pizza + chocolate chip pizza cookie.
Doesn't get better than that guys!

We even had some time to kill afterwards and so we ended up here...

I really am easy to please.😜

It was fun having Joe as my sidekick - - looking thru the books and other random-ness that is Goodwill.

We laughed our heads off at this one.
{It doesn't take much to make us laugh! Also: we LOVE Andy Samberg.}

* Saturday morning errands.
I got suckered into getting my car washed by the 
Basha Swim and Dive team.

I'm such a sucker for kids selling stuff.
ESPECIALLY when those kids are my nepehews and/or nieces.

* My brother called us up Saturday afternoon and asked us if we wanted to meet him at Ice-Cream Sammies - - his treat!

Naturally...we jumped at the chance.

We haven't seen my brother in awhile and it was so fun to visit and catch up with him.  Our kids are SO lucky to live so close {and to be spoiled by!} their aunts and uncles on a regular basis.

* Saturday night we had a BBQ/Swim party at one of our favorite friends' house.

Good food, good laughs, good times.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We attended a missionary homecoming for one of our dear friends. My heart about BURST hearing him give his testimony in Spanish.  

Truth is truth - - no matter WHAT language it's in.

* We spent the rest of the afternoon, plopped on our couch, watching the coverage of Hurricane Irma. 

I was GLUED!

I also wondered - - at what point do you tell your TV news reporters to get the heck out of there? 

I swear a few of them almost LEGIT blew over!!

I get - - wanting to relay the story of what it's really like out there - - but if that were my husband or son - - I would be terrified!!!

* We grilled steaks for dinner {Joe grills the BEST steaks!} and then he and I headed off to our adult stake fireside that I was sorta in charge of.

This topic is so NEAR and DEAR to my heart.
Our speaker as well as our Stake President could not have done a more fabulous job.

My heart was so full after it was all over.

I really do feel like the MORE that we can talk openly about mental health illness, the MORE we can help others.

SO many people, whether you know it or not, suffer from anxiety and/or depression.

It's SO important to get help with it.




  1. Ooh a fun weekend. . Seriously I love that you did a fireside on such an important topic. I wish I could have been there. X

  2. Ooh a fun weekend. . Seriously I love that you did a fireside on such an important topic. I wish I could have been there. X

  3. I enjoy your Goodwill excursions.
    Yes, such an important topic.