Monday, September 18, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started out with caffeine and donuts.

To my childrens're welcome?

* After dropping the kiddies off at school, I headed back home to get stuff done.

Getting stuff done that day involved laundry +.....

Sorting thru mail and paying bills {bleh!}.....

And sorting thru coupons and organizing my purse.
I do LOVE me some good coups.
Especially when I grocery shop.

Anyone have a GREAT coupon organizer that they like to use?  Because I really have no system.

* Whipped up some afterschool snacks for the kiddies.
{Because I guess donuts in the morning weren't enough?😅}

Ok, ok....selfishly I really wanted to try these.
SO yummy for all you PB and REESES lovers out there.

* Friday night Joe and I were SUPER romantic and did yard work together {it was way overdue}....

Ate leftover chicken pot pie {this recipe!!!!! I have GOT to share it with you later this week.  THE. BOMB.}....

And ended the evening with some Dateline.

Who says you have to get all fancy and go out for date night?? 😂🙌

* Saturday morning chores.

The kids were rewarded with Polar Pops after {mom of the year over here just feeding my kids full o' junk this weekend!} and then they had friends over to play.  

I LOVE this sight of shoes in my house.
It means we are surrounded with people we LOVE.

* Saturday night date night with these fun friends...

We had mexican food HERE and laughed our heads off together. These people always make me wanna be a little better and for that I am grateful.

Afterwards, we all attended our Stake Conference adult session and were again fed....spiritually this time.

I always learn so much from others testimonies.

* Sunday I woke up with the world's WORST headache.
I made breakfast and then went right back to bed.

We watched football {Go Cards!}, played Jenga...

And then had some of our very favorite friends over for a 
pot roast dinner.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

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  1. Besides your Sunday am headache,sounds like a great weekend. Looking forward to your chicken potpie recipe soon.