Monday, September 25, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday we woke up to FALL{ish} weather here in AZ!
It was such a great feeling!!

Cubby and I actually WALKED the kids to school it was so nice! {Don't get any ideas though - - we were back to driving today because #lazyprobs}.

* I worked on my Etsy shop  and completed some custom orders.

I LOVE working with customers on CUSTOM orders.
It's one of my FAVORITE things.

* Friday night we attened our ward Elders Quorum party.

It was the PERFECT weather that night and the food was oh so yummy. BBQ meats + sides - - the best way to go!

The star of the evening was this 'door prize' though.

Once back home we settled in on the couch and watched our shows. 

You guys! 
I really think I could dominate the Shazam game show.
For reals!!
I'm seriously looking into how to try out.😅

* Most of my Saturday was spent inside my car driving kids from point A to point B and back to point A....times 3.

Carson and London had a primary program practice // pizza party at the church.  Our leaders are the best.  They make things SO fun for our children.

* London had a birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon. I dropped her off and headed to the nearest Goodwill to browse around. 

I am FOR REAL obsessed with the books at Goodwill.
Some of the books I find CRACK ME UP!
{If you follow me on Instagram, I'll have Insta Stories later today with some of my funniest finds!}

* Saturday evening was a special night.
I was able to take London with me to the 
General Womens Session at our Stake Center. 

I can honestly say I loved EVERY LAST WORD spoken at this conference.  I can't wait to go back and read these talks over and over again. Such good words of wisdom filled with HOPE and PEACE.  

Some of my favorite points:

* Be more concerned with being RIGHTEOUS than SELFISH

* Simple love, honestly expressed, gives HOPE to others.

* No matter what, we always have WORTH in the eyes of the Savior.

* Comparison is the THIEF of JOY.

We attended the meeting with our dear friends and then headed out to dinner afterwards.

Such a fun evening.

* Sunday morning was our annual Primary Program!

This was Carson's very last one!
 {Once kids reach the age of 12 they move on from Primary}.

It made my heart a little sad realizing that my kids are growing up so fast. 

So grateful for our support system around us!!

Both sets of grandparents were out of town and so our fill in Grandma Judy came as well as London {and Carson and Grant's!} 3rd grade teacher {best teacher ever!}.

It was SO fun to be able to share the day with them.


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