Monday, October 30, 2017

This Weekend:

* I met my friend for a yummy breakfast HERE on Friday morning.

Fun Fact: Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal to eat out.
Also: I could eat breakfast for dinner EVERY single night.

* Afterwards I had a check-up at the Drs. Office.
My doctor has this sign hanging in all of her rooms and I just love this reminder...

* Once I got back home my friend stopped by and noticed this just hanging out on my front porch!!!!!!!!..........

Yup. That's a black widow spider WITH it's egg.
And don't worry - - there was ANOTHER egg inside of that pumpkin. 

To say I was scared/grossed out/horrifed is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

My sweet friend got straight to work though - - it didn't even PHASE her! 

First she sprayed it dead with some bug spray.
Then she scooped out the dying spider + it's eggs and put it in that paper cup. 

And then we literally burned it TO THE GROUND!!!!

If she had not been there {and since Joe was at work} I honestly don't know WHAT I would've done. 

I feel like I owe her my life!

* Friday night was our school's annual FALL Costume BALL.

Our school does A LOT of fun things but this might just be our favorite.  

There's food, dancing, games....and a costume contest!
And guess what? London took home the 'Most Original' costume award.  

She was beaming.

Joe and I sat outside eating pizza with some of our friends while the kids ran amuck and it was such a fun evening. Made me feel SO grateful {yet again} for our wonderful community.

* On Saturday, Carson and I went to see my darling niece in her highschool production of LEGALLY BLONDE.

They did SUCH a fantastic job!!
It was so fun watching her up there.

* Saturday night was our ward's Trunk or Treat.
My kids got loaded down with candy - - who knows what we'll do with all of tomorrow's loot on TOP OF IT.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

Just in case you wanted a peek inside of what goes down on our family's church bench during Sacrament usually looks something like this.

Pure reverance and classy-ness with my kids.

Mix that in with some squirming, teasing and poking and you've got my family EVERY single Sunday.

One would think that the older your kids...the better behaved they I right? 😜

* Came home and got to work on some Halloween baking.

EVERY holiday deserves sugar cookies.
Who's with me?

* We spent Sunday evening over at my parent's house.

It's always wonderful when I don't have to cook a meal.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
On tap for THIS week:

FINALLY! Cooler temps. 
Like for real FALL temps!
I'm excited!

* Tearing down my Halloween decor and putting up my Thanksgiving decor.

I'm super excited about it.

Probably because I'm not in charge of it this year πŸ˜‚ and I can just go and enjoy! {Next my turn again😳}.

These evenings are so fun and full of goodness.

* Going to see THIS comedian with fun friends this weekend.
Cannot wait to laugh our heads off with some of our favorite people.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Fun Finds Friday.

Just a few FUN FINDS today....all from the Targ...

The black and white buffalo check may just be my new favorite pattern.  


How cute are those plates?

Are you hosting Thankgiving this year with a bunch of kids?
These paper placemats are ALWAYS a hit!

A) These paper plates are super cute
B) This oval size is MY FAVORITE! It allows for MORE food to be stuffed onto your plate and then into your mouth.


Wanna give your school teachers a little somethin on Halloween this year? 

They teach your kids so....they pretty much deserve it!

Download my Fab-BOO-lous Halloween tags HERE and attach to ANY treat! 

Teachers! I've come up with little something for YOU to give to your students as well this Halloween!

Stock up on the orange Kool-Aid this weekend and attach THESE tags.  There are multiple on the page which makes for easy and quick printing for all of your students!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Random Stuff.

I feel like I should make a paper chain countdown for this - - - I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

This is my next ice-cream flavor to try.
Please be as good as it sounds...please be as good as it sounds.

Some days....sad, but true.πŸ˜‚

I tried the new breakfast bowl at Chick-Fil-A.
It was good! 
Not awesome...but good! 
Their chicken minis are still my fave thing on their breakfast menu.

Who has teen/tween aged sons and can relate?!?


I snatched these up at Costco today.
I had high expectations and sadly they fell short.

#1. They're not as big as the coconut ones.
#2. They're mostly brown-sugary and butter-y.
Not so much pumpkin-y.

In brighter news......these are my FAVORITE and they're back at Costco for the season!!!!!!

I also tried the pumpkin streussel muffins from Costco today.
Heated up for 15 seconds in the microwave - - - 
they are a WIN!!!


Remember how I blogged awhile back that I was SO excited for this show to start? {Mind you...I've never seen an episode of Law and Order in my life but come on! this is true story stuff and that's right up my alley!}....

Well I'm happy to report that this show does not disappoint!

It is SOOOOOOOO juicy and good!

So many things about this case that I had NO idea about! 



If you're not watching this show really should add it to your list.

Joe and I DIE laughing at it each week. 


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Coombs Halloween Party 2017.

Our annual Coombs Halloween Party is in the books!
This little shin-dig we do each year might just be my very favorite thing about Halloween. 

Is that wierd?

We're surrounded by GOOD friends, GOOD food and AWESOME costumes....what more could we ask for?


As promised...I'm sharing ALL of the details with you today.
I hope you enjoy.....

Let's start with our family Halloween costumes

CAN YOU EVEN with this cute duo of mine???

Each and every year - - London comes up with something VERY specific in her mind as to what she wants to dress up as and it usually includes Joe as her sidekick. 

One of the MANY things I love about Joe is that he's ALWAYS game for ANYTHING!!!  With London...with me....he's always so quick to say 'Sure, why not?' and I LOVE that about him!

London wanted to be 'an ice-cream worker girl' this year and we made sure to make that happen!

She already had the apron and shirt.  We added the bow tie and hat {from Amazon}. I found the wooden tray at Goodwill and I had a friend drill some holes into it for the cones and twine.  I spray painted the tray white.  We used play-doh for the ice-cream and Wa-LaH!!!  

It couldn't have been more perfect for her!

Grant went as a CHICK MAGNET.

Carson was a ZOMBIE BOXER.

And in case you missed yesterday's post....

I was BEE-yonce.

ALL of our friends came DRESSED UP as well which makes my party throwing heart OH SO HAPPY! 

Such good sports!

That cute boy in the middle was 'DUNKIN DONUTS'.
So clever, right?

And his cute mom was a fellow PUN-ned out character...

She came as DR. PEPPER.


Place settings were super simple.

I used polka dot Hobby Lobby wrapping paper as my table covers. I strung paper ribbon down the middle....

And then used paper {yes PAPER!} plates on top of my black chargers.  

We had lots of yummy eats to go around...

The adults had pumpkin shaped bread bowls with 2 different kind of soups:

THIS recipe and then my go-to recipe for chili which I'll be sharing SOON.

I had everyone GUESS the amount of candy in my candy jar.

Once it was all filled up there were 461 pieces!
Winner got to take the jar home!

Each family filled out one of my CANDY QUIZZES...

The winning family took him THIS.

And then we ended the evening with another rousing game of FEAR FACTOR!

This might've just been the highlight.
Or......not, for some.πŸ˜‚

I started the rounds off EASY {for the littler kids} and then they got progressivley harder/grosser as we went on.

Round 1: Post It Masks

Whoever could get the MOST Post-It notes on their partner in 1 minute wins!

Round 2: Ghost Boogers

Whoever could suck up the MOST ghost boogers {marshmallows} with their straws and put them into their other bowls, won! Players had 30 seconds.

Round 3: Frankenstein's Baby Food

I purchased 3 different types of legit baby food and EVERYONE on each team had to 1) take a taste of the baby food and 2) guess which flavor it was.  

{Oddly enough, my friend Tiff enjoyed this round WAY too much. πŸ‘€πŸ‘…}

Round 4: Cry Baby Tears

Who can suck on one of these EXTRA sour candies for the longest WITHOUT making a face!

Who can suck on one of my JALAPENO SUCKERS for the longest without taking it out of their mouth!

{I should mention....these kids were FIERCE!}

Round 5: Soda Chug

Who can chug one of my GROSS soda bottles the fastest?

We have a candy store close by that sells ANY POSSIBLE flavor of soda that you can imagine.  I purchased:

Pickle flavor, Butter flavor, Dirt flavor and Barf flavor.

Surprisingly...all 4 bottles got chugged and no one barfed.

Our last and FINAL round was....

Round 6: Gross Foods

Our local grocery store that I shop at has a WHOLE candy section devoted to mexican candies.  Some of them....look {and taste} gross! which was perfect for this round!  

We had everyone taste:

Zombie Rocks {pictured above} = salted plums.

Monster Tongues = seaweed

Devil Turds = Fruit candy with salt and chili

Black Crow Bird Seed = sesame seed brittle

Slimy Burgers = sardines in mustard

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
The night was a HIT, I was pooped afterwards and we're all already looking forward to next year's party.