Thursday, October 12, 2017


My 3rd Birthday Party
I still vividly remember this cake. Is that weird?

It's official.
I'm the big 3-9.

Some....would be freaking out that they only have ONE year left in their 30s......

Me? Not so much.

I felt this same way when I was 29.

I really don't mind that I turn 40 next year because I have SO much around me in life to be proud of and lots to be thankful for and I'm just #grateful to wake up everyday with my sweet family.

Which got me thinking - - - 

What do I want to ACCOMPLISH this last year in my 30s?

Is there a way that I can make a difference this year?

I've thought about it a lot, really.

I love a good goal and so I'm setting one this year starting TODAY.

This goal though, isn't just a personal goal, it includes my family - - who really is my everything.

Let me back up....

Last year...our family of 5 made it a goal to work with a homeless organization here in Chandler, AZ once a week.  We chose Wednesday nights because that was the only night during the week where we didn't have something already on our calendar.

Our family grew to LOVE these sweet people.
We ate dinner with them, talked about their day with them and really formed a special frienship with some of them.

We found ourselves praying for them each night....that they'd be able to get themselves back on their feet someday.

We faithfully did this EVERY Wednesday night for one year. kids didn't want to go.
Sometimes.....Joe and I had a zillion other things that we needed to do instead.

Regardless.....we went.  
Each.  Week.

And guess what?

Our lives were BLESSED beyond measure.

Sometimes, we'd leave thinking to ourselves....did we even make a difference tonight? And realistically...sometimes we may not have.  But....

Our lives were BLESSED beyond measure.

As a family....we grew.

Our love for others grew and our tolerances for people 'different' than us grew ten fold.

I will cherish that year for the rest of my life.

* * * * * * * * * * * the new school year began this past July for our children...our schedules changed once again, as well.

Sadly, Wednesday nights were not open for us anymore and we had to say goodbye to our routine of helping the homeless each week.

My kids seem BUSIER than ever this year, as I'm sure most of you can relate.  

But...I still CRAVE the family time we spent together DOING SERVICE.

Which is where my CHALLENGE to lovely blog readers...comes in! 

Will you join me in this? 

Starting THIS family is going to render SOME TYPE of service for others ONCE A MONTH until next October when I turn 40. 

Why once a month?

Because it's a stretch for us .... but not impossible.

Why as a FAMILY? 
Can't I do something by myself when my kids are at school?

Yes...of course you most certainly can.
Someday I'll blog about what I've chosen to do once a week for service while Joe is at work and my kids are at school.


I want THIS particular BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE of mine
 TO YOU to include the WHOLE FAMILY. 

For me: that's my husband plus 2 sons and 1 daughter. 

If you're empty nesters? Then it might just be you and your spouse.

If you're single? - - then it might be just you and that's AOK! But some months...ask a friend to join you! 
The more the merrier.


A) There are strength in numbers. 

B) When you render service AS A FAMILY....your WHOLE FAMILY is blessed.  And living in today's world when there is so much craziness going on....I think ALL of our families could use the extra blessings. Right?

{Plus - - I've seen the good that comes from doing FAMILY SERVICE personally in my own life, just from last year alone.}  

And lastly....

C) I believe that TEACHING our children HOW TO SERVE is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things that we can do as parents.  

I vividly remember watching my parents SERVE OTHERS from the time I was just a toddler - - probably 3 years old - - in that above pic. 

Because of their love of service - - I now how have a love of service.  

And I really have my fingers crossed that this ripple effect will continue on down into my own childrens hearts.

For my family? We are choosing to do something DIFFERENT each month.  And we will most likely be finding these ideas of service through the Just Serve website.

If you've never checked it out - - you should.
You simply enter in your zipcode and a HUGE selection of service needs right in your very own area pop up!

Do I think that some months....this is going to be hard for us?
You bet your buns I do.
Life gets busy.

But I also think that when service is extra hard...we are extra blessed.

My mother raised us with the quote:

"Service never comes at a convenient time."

And that true! 

So will you join us?

I sure hope so.  
Service can bless the world.
And boy does our world need blessing right now.

Do me a favor.

If you and your family are willing to take on this year long challenge - - will you please post your name and where you're from in my comments section?  

Also - - if you blog or use social media and would like to share your family's experiences throughout the year - - will you please use #MarciCoombs39 for me?

There is power in sharing our experiences with others.  
And maybe JUST MAYBE...your experiences will ignite the light in someone else to start serving.

"Unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives."

-President Thomas S. Monson

Breakfast out on my birthday this year with my parents and kids {and sister taking the pic}.


  1. Well this made me ugly cry for a few different reasons ... but count us in!!
    Heidi Dressel AB Canada

  2. Great idea!! Count us in! Tia Fowles, Spanish Fork, UT

  3. You have a huge heart!!! I just love reading your blog and being so uplifted by you and your sweet spirit!! Our family would love to be a part of your birthday challenge!! Juana Quinn. Spokane Valley, WA

  4. Sounds like a great opportunity, we'd love to participate. I have a 6 month old and 3 year old so we'll have a great time finding something we can all do.
    Sam Frei, Lehi, UT