Sunday, October 8, 2017

This Weekend was one for the books!

Do you ever feel like life hands you lemons?
In our case, this was Italian tomatoes.
And they were thrown in our face.

I've recently started writing in a journal again - something that I have always loved to do. Some people say - - well isn't your blog your journal? And while yes, my blog does document most of the happenings in my life - - it doesn't document some of my inner most personal feelings.

Sometimes I feel that people share TOO much online.
My journal is for ME. And my heritage.
It's for ME to divulge every last thought and feeling of mine.

So last night, after what seemed like an unbelievable day - - I wrote in my journal so that I would never forget what happened. 

Here are a few short excerpts explaining our day:

Joe and I were supposed to head to Milan, Italy this morning.  We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months now.  Joe actually won the trip at work by selling a certain amount of Bertazonni products - - an Italian brand appliance. This trip was entirely paid for by Bertazonni (except for the first 2 nights which we were going to explore on our own).  We were planning to be there for a week.

We packed up our kids and arranged for them to stay with our parents.  We got Cubby all situated and planned for him to be taken care of.  We arrived at the airport at 5 am this morning, all ready to check in with our luggage packed - - only to be told that Joe’s passport expires within 3 months of us returning next week - - and as a result - - they would not let him fly or leave the country. 

To say that we were crushed is an understatement.  WE WERE DEVASTATED!!! The look on Joe’s face - - I’ll never forget.  He has worked SO hard for this trip.  We’ve both been SO excited about this trip. It was almost like someone was playing a joke on us. 

It must not have been meant to be.  That’s all I can think of.  I strongly believe that the Lord is in the details of our lives - - there is a reason that we were not to go on this trip.  I’m holding onto that belief right now. Because if I don’t - - I’ll probably cry myself to sleep.

The Lord apparently has different things in mind for us right now.  

Who knows why we were not meant to go on this trip.  We may never know.  And as sad as I am tonight to think about it - - I am comforted in knowing that everything will work out how it should.

I am grateful to have a home to come home to.  I am grateful to be able to spend the 2nd week of fall break with my children - - who I would’ve probably missed dearly.  I am grateful to have a week with NOTHING to do so that I can recharge myself.  Recharging is exactly what I need.  

There is a silver lining. The airline is allowing us to use our plane tickets to fly anywhere in the world before August of next year.  This is a HUGE relief.  We will celebrate our 15th anniversary next year SOMEWHERE WONDERFUL.  And maybe, just maybe by that time…we’ll understand why this all was meant to be.

When so much bad is happening in the world right now, I really do feel silly complaining about this minor incovenience.

Yes - - it was a trip of a lifetime that we were dearly looking forward to.  BUT...considering the events in Las Vegas last really doesn't matter.  At all.

We are surrounded by loved ones. We have our health. And we know that God lives.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
We ate lunch at Oregano's yesterday afternoon before we picked our kids back up from Joe's parents house. Oregano's is one of our favorite 'Italian' places to eat.  And boy did we eat.  I pretty much ate away all of my emotions with this pazookie.😅

So yeah...that was our weekend in a nutshell.
Some day we'll make it to Italy.
Some day.


  1. I was thinking this morning how sad I am for you guys and yet what great examples you are. Just like your back to school theme this year, you have risen above this set back and gone forward with happiness. Thanks for being great examples to my family!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Angie. I so appreciate your words of kindness. Xoxo

  2. So sorry for the disappointing news. I admire your faith and the positive take on things and will learn for our own travel plans in the future to stay on top of those passport dates. Who knew?

    1. Thanks Barbara. I appreciate your kind comment so much! Xoxo