Monday, October 2, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning began bright and early up at the school with our annual Donuts for Dads event.

I helped decorate and serve which meant I got to hang around and spy on all of the cute kiddos and their dads.

I just LOVE how excited my kids get when Joe comes up to school with them.  They feel like such hotdogs with him.

* Afterwards, Carson was recognized at the school assembly with a Character Counts award.

Being around Carson just makes you automatically smile.
Gosh, I love him.

* London was star student in her class for the week which meant...

She got to choose a special treat out of the vending machine with her awesome 3rd grade teacher! 

And I brought her up her lunch of choice: Taco Bell.
1 cheesy roll up, 1 soft taco and a strawberry freeze.

* After I left the school I ran some errands and swung by Goodwill {because why not?}...

Their books you guys!!!!!!

* Friday night we had my cute niece sleep-over which meant...

A Friday night caffeine run for the win!

* Joe and I caught up on Dateline and the latest Law and Order: Menedez Brothers show - - SOOOOOO good! Did you watch it??

* Saturday morning donuts.

* The rest of the day was spent putting up my fall and Halloween decor and watching General Conference.

President Uchtdorf {aka Silver Fox}..... you just GET me!
{Yes, I realize he's not the one in the above pic.  I love Rasband, too.}

* Sunday was spent in our jammies, watching MORE of General Conference.  

I loved every last bit of it.

I remember as a kid.....thinking Conference was soooo 
😴😴😴.....but now?

I seem to cherish ever last word spoken during Conference weekend.  

ALL of the talks were good but Elder Stanley G. Ellis' talk was hands down my favorite.  It was exactly what I've been needing to hear.

"The Lord's answer to hard times is to GO FORWARD WITH FAITH." 

* Sunday night we had my nephew and nieces over for dinner as well as our cute sister missionaries.

Do you know that our cute sister missionaries have to ride bikes in this heat?!? With skirts on?? They are SAINTS! I just adore them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Week 1 of Fall Break has officially begun.

We've already had:
- fights
- tears
- 'what's there to do?'
- and more

Heaven help us all! 😅

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