Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things...

So remember back in October when I gave away a BOX of my FAVORITE THINGS to one lucky reader?

Well I'm just now getting around to sharing with you what I put into that big 'ole box!

If you follow me on IG stories you may have already seen this. If not...keep reading.

And no...I am not getting paid by any of these products. 
{I'm not that fancy}.

They are truly just some of my faves.

Cute jar cover kit from Hobby Lobby.
Love, love love jars and LOVE giving them away all filled up with yummy deliciousness and looking cute.

Best.  Pumpkin Mix.  EVER.

Fave candies EVER.

A notebook, you say?
What's so special about that?

Well, it's a NO LINES notebook!
And that is VERY special.
I LOVE these - - and they are actually kinda hard to find.

I LOVE giving AND getting little notes in the mail.

And those Sharpie ULTRA FINE markers are ALL I USE!
In fact I'm getting ready to address ALL of my Christmas card envelopes with them.  They're the best!

Cups with lids AND straws.
I promise I would probably never drink water if it weren't for these.

There is no hot chocolate better than this!

My top 2 favorite scents from Bath and Body Works:
Sweet Pea + Hello Beautiful.

{Random: does anyone else remember when they used to make a scent called 'Flowering Herbs'? Like forever ago? I want it back!}

Custom address lables are my favorite and so I created some for my WINNER with her address!

I've had some of you ask if they'll be in my Etsy shop.
The answer is...yes....but they aren't yet.
So if you want some...message me and we'll set something up. 

My friend makes the coolest laser cut stuff and this NATIVITY is my favorite. I love nativities!!!

I seriously could've added like 20 more things but I didn't want to pay like a bajillion $$$ for the pacakge to ship.

Wishing I had some of that hot chocolate all to myself tonight.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2fer Tuesday.

{More Fun Finds coming Friday! It's been too long!}

Spotted these cute jars at Wal-mart for only $2.

They have all different sayings and colors.
Such an easy little gift - just fill up with some Christmas candies and you're good to go!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these buffalo check miniature stockings.
They'd be fun tied onto a present - - used as a gift card holder - - OR as part of a place setting on your dinner table, they could hold each person's silverware!


Reindeer Brownies from

So simple.
So fun!

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks from Delish

Such a cuuuuuute way to display sugar cookies!


Sunday, November 26, 2017

This {Thanksgiving} Weekend:

* Our Thanksgiving day was delightful.

The boys woke up and played in a Turkey Bowl.

London and I prepped food for our feast.

And we spent the afternoon over at Joe's parents house with all of the Coombs family.

Coombs Grandkids

It was 88 degrees here on Thanksgiving - can you believe it?
My mother-in-law found the perfect patch of shade right under a tree in her backyard for the kiddies.

I ate SO much yummy food I could barely move.

Sadly, this is the ONLY pic I got of the adult table.
And Joe and his dad aren't even in it!

My mother-in-law always sets the prettiest tables. 

The kids had a blast playing with their cousins, as always!

We played games....

...and ended the evening with a pie in the face for Uncle Kent!

He's such a good sport!

* Thanksgiving evening we headed to the movies, 
per tra-dish.

We went and saw the new Pixar movie COCO and we LOVED it!

SO, SO darling with such a sweet message.

Not so sweet? Ugh - the Frozen 'short' before the movie began.  IT WAS 21 MINUTES!!! Why Pixar? Whyyyy?!

* Most of my Friday was spent upstairs in my craft room, cranking out Etsy orders.

* We met my family Friday afternoon at the Gilbert Temple.
It was so lovely.

Moments like this make my heart want to burst.

To be noted...Grant is almost as tall as my dad!😮

* Afterwards, we headed over to my parents house for pizza and the annual decorating of my mom and dad's Christmas tree.

Yes, my sister brought the 6 foot cut-out of my nephew Tyson, who is currently serving a mission in Barcelona and yes, he is photo bombing this pic like a boss!

It was a LOUD night with lots of laughs.

Pulling out my mom's ornaments from many years past is always a hoot and oh so nostalgic!

* Joe and I left their house and headed back to the Gilbert temple around 10 pm. We had signed up to CLEAN the temple with part of our ward...

It was SUCH a wonderful experience.

Fun Fact: Did you know that temples get cleaned EVERY single night? 

We got out at midnight and we....were...pooped!

* On Saturday, London and I headed to the Nutcracker {a yearly tradition that we have grown to LOVE and look forward to} with dear friends.

We always go to THIS production and it is OH SO darling!!!

It really is one of the highlights of our whole
Christmas season.

* Saturday night my cute nephew and his darling wife came over to visit and say goodbye before they headed back to Provo, Utah...

I'm pretty sure my kids don't realize JUST HOW LUCKY they are to live so close to SO many relatives.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

We busted out the outside Christmas lights 
{and 'we' really means 'Joe'}...

And I made homemade turkey pot pie with our turkey leftovers and it was divine.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2fer Tuesday.


Tis the I right?

Reindeer Poo Slime.
They have officially thought of EVERYTHING!

I had to do a double take when I walked past it at Wal-mart today.  The object of it {besides being gross} is to hide your gift card in there and then the recipient has to 'dig it' outta the poo.

I can't believe I'm even typing this.
Why am I so classy?

{It's only $1 though so....white elephant gifts??}

Do you think I could talk Joe into wearing this to our ward Christmas 'Ugly Sweater' party?!?

So many things going on here that are making me LAUGH!


This recipe had me at BUTTER and GARLIC.
Looks SO yummy, right?

{Bonus - it calls for fresh rosemary, too. My fave!}

My mouth is watering!

Almost as much as it has been for Thanksgiving dinner!

Monday, November 20, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I met my dear friend for breakfast HERE.

So fun to catch up with her.
Life has been getting in the way of our regular get togethers and we had LOTS to catch up on!

* Drs Appointment afterwards for London.
She stayed home sick. Second day in a row.


Raspy voice, barky cough. Ugh.

Don't worry - - I made her feel better with some good ole Mountain Dew at Sodalicious afterwards.

{Winning? Or parenting fail? Don't answer}.

* We headed home and got ready for this....

Fun Fact: I'm not computer saavy.
Or social media saavy.
Or really anything saavy.
Except for knowing where the BEST Diet Coke is around.

My friend asked me to be apart of this fun 'LIVE' on Facebook and while it was indeed 'FUN'....ummm.....I had London film me doing my tutorial SIDEWAYS the entire time!!! 😂😂😂

I died laughing when I finished and figured it all out! 

I showed how to make Christmas Potpourri and you can get all of the details HERE.  

It makes a GREAT Christmas neighbor gift!

* Joe and Grant headed off to a Scout campout for the night...

and I took the other 2 kiddies to dinner HERE.

Best bean dip in all of Arizona.
Trust me.

* Saturday morning we met my parents for breakfast at McDs.  Have I told you before how much my parents LOVE McDs breakfast? Well, they do. And now, so do we.😂

Also sad news flash: McDs no longer carries styrofoam cups!

It's true.

* The rest of the day was spent up in my craft room working on Etsy orders...

* Joe and I snuck out for a quick date night on Saturday night.

Dinner at Cafe Rio followed by Dateline.
And boyyyyy was it good.

I can't get enough of the info on the Menendez Brothers.
Am I crazy or what?

Ever since the NBC series I've been fascinated!

* No churchey-church on Sunday for London and I.

I took one for the team and stayed home with her.
{Happy to say she is FINALLY on the mend!}

* After the boys got back from church we PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!

This time of year makes me OH SO giddy!

{But don't tell them....I may have rearranged most of the ornaments when everyone went to bed 😳 #ocd}.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Can you even believe that THIS WEEK IS THANKSGIVING?!?

So many FUN things in the works!
Can't wait to share.