Friday, November 17, 2017

Christmas Potpourri with FREE Printable Tags.

Have you started thinking about what to give your friends and neighbors this year for the holiday season?

I LOVE giving out 'Neighbor' gifts.
It's one of my FAVORITE things about the holidays.

I can't WAIT to share with you what I have up my sleeve for THIS year's gifts - - I'm actually coming up with TWO different ideas this year!

Anyhoozle - - I always try to make my neighbor gifts:

* Cost efficient - I usually have to make like 25.

*Creative and Cute

* Something people can ACTUALLY USE, EAT and/or ENJOY!

When I started this little ole blog of mine - - I had NO Idea that one of my MOST POPULAR POSTS EVER would be my Christmas Potpourri in a jar!

The smell that comes from whats inside of this jar is HEAVENLY when simmered on your stove.

It reminds me of my childhood.
My mom used to always have a pot of this burning on the stove around Christmas time when we wer were growing up.  She'd just keep turning it on and adding water to it each day.

So here's what you'll need to make them up:

{FYI they are SUPER simple!}

1 pint jar

3 cinnamon sticks

3 bay leafs

2-3 Tbs. of WHOLE cloves {these will cost you the most}

1 lime slice

2 lemon wedges

2 orange slices

Place ingredients in jar and fill with water.  

Attach my printable TAG {below} and you are set! 

Here's what it will look like:

To see a completely goofy and sideways video of myself talking about this gift - - you can join the FRIDAY and FRIENDS group on Facebook and see my 'LIVE'.  

It's laughable.

For a copy of my FREE printable tags to attach to your jars
click HERE.

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Also - - I am MORE than flattered when others

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'own' tags.  I just 

PLEASE ask that you give credit where credit 

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