Sunday, November 26, 2017

This {Thanksgiving} Weekend:

* Our Thanksgiving day was delightful.

The boys woke up and played in a Turkey Bowl.

London and I prepped food for our feast.

And we spent the afternoon over at Joe's parents house with all of the Coombs family.

Coombs Grandkids

It was 88 degrees here on Thanksgiving - can you believe it?
My mother-in-law found the perfect patch of shade right under a tree in her backyard for the kiddies.

I ate SO much yummy food I could barely move.

Sadly, this is the ONLY pic I got of the adult table.
And Joe and his dad aren't even in it!

My mother-in-law always sets the prettiest tables. 

The kids had a blast playing with their cousins, as always!

We played games....

...and ended the evening with a pie in the face for Uncle Kent!

He's such a good sport!

* Thanksgiving evening we headed to the movies, 
per tra-dish.

We went and saw the new Pixar movie COCO and we LOVED it!

SO, SO darling with such a sweet message.

Not so sweet? Ugh - the Frozen 'short' before the movie began.  IT WAS 21 MINUTES!!! Why Pixar? Whyyyy?!

* Most of my Friday was spent upstairs in my craft room, cranking out Etsy orders.

* We met my family Friday afternoon at the Gilbert Temple.
It was so lovely.

Moments like this make my heart want to burst.

To be noted...Grant is almost as tall as my dad!😮

* Afterwards, we headed over to my parents house for pizza and the annual decorating of my mom and dad's Christmas tree.

Yes, my sister brought the 6 foot cut-out of my nephew Tyson, who is currently serving a mission in Barcelona and yes, he is photo bombing this pic like a boss!

It was a LOUD night with lots of laughs.

Pulling out my mom's ornaments from many years past is always a hoot and oh so nostalgic!

* Joe and I left their house and headed back to the Gilbert temple around 10 pm. We had signed up to CLEAN the temple with part of our ward...

It was SUCH a wonderful experience.

Fun Fact: Did you know that temples get cleaned EVERY single night? 

We got out at midnight and we....were...pooped!

* On Saturday, London and I headed to the Nutcracker {a yearly tradition that we have grown to LOVE and look forward to} with dear friends.

We always go to THIS production and it is OH SO darling!!!

It really is one of the highlights of our whole
Christmas season.

* Saturday night my cute nephew and his darling wife came over to visit and say goodbye before they headed back to Provo, Utah...

I'm pretty sure my kids don't realize JUST HOW LUCKY they are to live so close to SO many relatives.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

We busted out the outside Christmas lights 
{and 'we' really means 'Joe'}...

And I made homemade turkey pot pie with our turkey leftovers and it was divine.



  1. Best family ever!!!there is so much love it literally explodes even in pictures. You are so blessed to have them so close and I know you don’t take them for granted. Yeah for turkey!!!

  2. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!


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