Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve.
I just LOVED having it on a Sunday this year!

We headed to church bright and early...
{Only 1 more week of 8:30 am Sacrament and then it switches to!}

Our meeting was full of sweet testimony, beautiful music and people I love. 

We headed home afterwards for the yummiest orange rolls and cinnamon rolls that a friend of ours had made.

Look at that yummy orange-y goodness!
I could've probably eaten ALL of them!!

* I spent the afternoon prepping for dinner.

This year we had my whole family over {minus my one sister and her family who were at their in-laws} and we had a Mexican feast.

Sweet pork tacos, red beef and green chile chicken tamales, homemade refried beans, cilantro lime rice, cilantro lime dressing, chips and salsa, mexican hot cocoa and the Lamoreaux famous oatmeal cake for dessert.

SOOOOOO yummy!
It was so fun to sit around the table, share stories and make each other laugh.

We played a 'Name that Christmas Carol' game...

Opened a few presents...

And then the kids opened up their traditional gift of Christmas jammies!

It was such a nice evening.

After everyone left, Joe and I poured ourselves a cold one {a Mormon cold one = Diet Dr. Pepper for me and Diet Mt. Dew for Joe 😂} and watched a Dateline.

We were in bed by 11:00pm! Earliest I think EVER!!

Our kids are getting to that age where there are less and less  toys and less and less to put together and I am AOK with that!

Next up...


  1. I loved church on Christmas Eve, in England our ward always has a church carol concert on Christmas Eve no matter what, so I loved it!!
    Your dinner looks so yummy !
    We too were I. Bed way earlier than normal, I think your right the older the get it’s a different type of gift and I had pre-wrapped everything so it was an easy night!! We went to my in laws for an hour and friends for a couple of hours and back home to relax!
    It was so relaxing !

  2. Hi Marci!

    I've followed your blog for years and LOVE it! My son, Elder Kaleb Peterson, arrived in the Arizona Tempe Mission last week. I'm curious if you live in his area and if so, will you give him a great big hug from his Mama? ;) Ok, I realize you can't but I'd settle for a pic instead, haha!



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