Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Coombs Christmas Neighbor Gifts 2017

 I love December for SO MANY REASONS but the activity of delivering our friends and neighbor gifts to the loved ones around us is definitely at the top! 

I've come up with TWO different ideas for this year to choose from.  From now until Christmas we'll pick a few different evenings, pile up in the car, crank on the Christmas tunes and drop these goodies by people's houses. 

It makes me HAPPY to be able to do this with my family.

For my first set of tags...all you'll need are some ORANGES!

Raise your hand if Santa ever put an orange in the toe of your stocking when you were growing up??

Oranges remind me of CHRISTMAS!

I found these darling polka dot boxes at Hobby Lobby.
They're 50% off which makes them only....

I also spied some darlkng polka dot muslin bags at JoAnns a few weeks ago...

I bought all 8 that they had and I don't feel about it either.

With their 60% off sale they were only $1.50!

And here's the great thing - - if you don't have to get fancy...just deliver your oranges IN THE BAG THAT THEY CAME IN!!!!

The tag + a cute ribbon will make it look AOK!

Now a few tips:

Cuties Clementines are great for this gift too and they generally go on sale for super cheap this time of year.  
And who doesn't love a Cutie?

If you live in AZ or any other state that grows oranges - - your best place to buy oranges is at an orange stand on the side of the road.  Locals: Val Vista & Chandler Heights has two FABULOUS stands.  You can get 2 big bags for only $5.  

Sadly, the orange tree in my backyard isn't quite ripe enough, yet. 

To download my ORANGE tags go HERE.

Upon purchase, I customize them with YOUR family name and you can print them out however many times you need!

My second set of tags calls for a loaf of bread...

And if you're like me and are deathly scared of making bread {I have no idea why!}...you can pick up your favorite loaf from your favorite bakery!

I might be ambitious though and maybe try THIS recipe for 1 hour bread.  I THINK might be able to handle it.

I also plan to make up a bunch of mini pumpkin chocolate chip bread loaves and deliver those as well.

To download my BREAD tags go HERE.

Again, upon purchase, I can add YOUR family name and you can print them out however many times you need!

Happy Gift Giving!!!

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