Tuesday, December 26, 2017

This {Christmas} Weekend {Fri // Sat}.

* Friday was Grant's 13th birthday!!!

{I really can't believe I have a teenager! I honestly feel like I was just 13 myself!}

We celebrated by:

* Opening presents on the decorated kitchen table, 
per tra-dish

* Breakfast of Grant's choice: sausage scramble, hashbrowns and biscuits

* Shopping at the mall - - Grant is at that age where all he wants is giftcards and clothes 😏

* Dinner with family at Smashburger {Grant's choice!}

Such a fun day celebrating him!!!

* On Saturday it was time to slow down, regroup and breathe before the next couple of busy days.

Joe and I went here...


I wish I could accurately describe to you how I feel about this special place. The peace that comes to me and my family by regular attendance is something I could never buy for Christmas.


* Saturday night was our annual 
Coombs Family Christmas Party!!!


Everyone brought an appetizer and my in-laws made ham and potatoes.  So YUMMY!


We had a special little program that Joe's mom had prepared. It was so sweet and so special. She always puts so much time and effort into these things and we are so blessed because of it.

We had our annual Coombs Cousins talent show...

And I don't mean to brag but....
The Coombs Cousins have got it goin' on!

We ended the night by dying our heads off laughing at Jenny and William's new family Christmas video.

Talk about talent!

Next up.....

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